Auckland's architectural youth punches out another gem in the Urbis Design Day, in a gorgeous folded ceiling-scape.

Am I gushing too much? Or cheekily toying with my editorial facility to publish the work and play of Oh.No.Sumo again and again?  Really the attention is due, and if there were more young-and-busy architectural groups out there, I would love to offer some pixels, but alas the pickings are slim -but not too slim.  Fortunately, like a solo cherry tomato, the pickings are juicy and rich.

As a participant in Urbis Design Day, collaborating with Poggenpohl, Oh.No.Sumo have been driving their little hands (and the hands of their minions) to crank out the 'Paper Sky', a 20,000-piece flexible paper ceiling installation, with even more cable ties, kilometres of double-sided tape, and far too many ceiling hooks to think about.  The result, as wonderfully photographed on their website, will be published in the upcoming issue of Urbis, but I thought I'd sneak in with a shout-out to the quartet.

Oh.No.Sumo have alluded to atleast three other secret projects lined up this year (so far) so keep tabs on them at their website, and check them out on Facebook for some behind-the-scenes snapshots and up-to-the-minute progress reports.

Installation photographs are by Sophie Leuschke.

Some of the installation modules.  More shots on their Facebook profile.