...The Weird turn Pro.  Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson has a point, as I consider some new music video's which offer new realms of post-human reality and then some.

Monday's need weirdness, like Wednesday's need Tuesdays, I think, so when I came across Yeasayer's new video for their recent single release 'Ambling Alp' (which you can download for free here, mind the nudity in the vid.) I was further convinced that music video's are the contemporary realm of creative speculation for weird futures, and one trend in particular (popular in pop and Indie music scenes at least) is a neo-pagan, post-human postulation, being shaped by plenty of video directors around the world.

First is a local sample from The Mint Chicks, for a track called 'Hot on Your Heels', which roughly -although not exclusively- follows a tiger through a human digestive tract, rendered wonderfully in low-fi animation cutouts, video layers and brilliant colour -all common features in this bundle actually.  It was created by Special Problems, which seems apt.

Second is from last year (or maybe 2008?), from the Animal Collective –champions of genre– for their track 'Peacebone', which narrates a picturesque -and grotesque- outing of two monsters, very unsettling, but beautifully shot.  It was directed by James Whale.

And the catalyst to all this weirdness, the track Ambling Alp from Yeasayer, the best quality of which I could only find on Wellington Art and Music blog Maniquill -who I owe for the link, see the video here.  Some portions of this video are, as they apparently say, NSFW.  It was directed by Radical Friend, who's website is hilarious.