Fully Automatic Screen Printer Widely Used in Various Industries

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China Flat Screen Printer are now gradually increasing their market share


With the development of printing technology, full-automatic screen printing machines are also widely used in various industries. China Flat Screen Printer are now gradually increasing their market share. Many large companies have already put them into use, and some small and medium-sized enterprises are gradually introducing them. among. It quickly replaced the manual printing press, so what performance does it have? The following is introduced by the editor of the Shenzhen screen printing press manufacturer:

1. Full-automatic screen printing machine adopts touch screen control, which is convenient and quick to operate and easy to use, and realizes full digital control.

2. Full-automatic screen printing machine is controlled by PCL computer program. Fully automatic German SICK photoelectric eye tracking alignment, high precision of photoelectric eye. The secondary printing uses photoelectric eye tracking, which can be repeated multiple times, automatically detect the color mark, and automatically stop if there is an abnormality.

3.Automatic screen printing machine is widely used in PET, PVC, transfer paper (film), floor heating film, geothermal film, electric heating film, flower paper, film, nameplate, flexible circuit board, mobile phone button, 3M glue, glue, film Screen printing of roll materials such as switches, trademark lasers, scratch cards, stickers, barreled paper, webbing, aluminum foil, copper foil, etc.

4. The automatic screen printing machine can set the printing speed at will, calculate the number of printed sheets, and set the number of sheets to automatically stop.

5. The automatic screen printing machine controls the automatic feeding by the photoelectric sensor and the automatic receiving by the oven. The speed can be adjusted at will, which can effectively avoid scratching the surface of the substrate and improve the printing quality.

6. The large-area model machine has the function of automatic off-screen printing. When printing large-area background colors, glue and silver paste on circuit boards, it can prevent sticking to the screen.

7. Full-automatic screen printing machine adopts precision linear slide, which effectively guarantees high precision of mechanical movement.

8. Full-automatic screen printing machine uses servo motor to control the movement of scraper, ink returning knife and material movement. The printing and ink returning speed can be adjusted in sections and input specific data settings. Debugging the machine guarantees the stability of the printing quality and the consistency of the material moving direction.

9. Full-automatic screen printing machine adopts two-position (two-position (feeding platen and printing platen are equipped with suction device)) three-stage suction, which can perform strong wind, weak wind, and close adjustment according to printing materials and quality requirements.

10. The screen frame can be fine-tuned and positioned (the maximum adjustable value is ± 10mm).

11. The large-area model touch screen controls the lifting of the printing head, which is convenient for the maintenance of the screen and the scraper, and it is convenient to load and unload the screen.

Automatic screen printing machine is widely used in various plastics, cosmetics, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, plexiglass, electronics, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper.

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