We rounded up five

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We rounded up five of the best new cameras and lenses for your consideration, from pocketable pro models

We rounded up five of the best new cameras and lenses for your consideration, from pocketable pro models to inexpensive action cameras. The A9 is designed for sports loving photographers who can afford to miss a moment, and it capable of capturing 20 full size images in just one second so you can shoot first and make choices later. The 24.2 megapixel full frame camera also adds a host of useful features including Silent Shooting that uses its electronic shutter to eliminate noise, five axis image stabilisation, 693 point phase detection autofocus, and a tilting touchscreen. (Coach Outlet Store)

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HomeNewsUK World NewsThe QueenWhen the new plastic 20 is out and what it will look likeWe've answered all the important questions about the new 20 noteUnlike the current notes which feature an image of Scottish economist Adam Smith, the polymer note will show a portrait of Britain's favourite artist, JMW Turner.Kent Live reports the new note is due to enter circulation in 2020 and the reverse of the note will feature the face of the painter JMW Turner.It follows the trend of paying tribute to famous people from British history, including Winston Churchill on the new fiver and Jane Austen on the recently released polymer note.When will the plastic note be released? We will start seeing the new note in two years' time, a spokesman for the Bank of England said in March 2017. Since then the Bank has confirmed a release year of 2020, although has not been more specific about the month.It means that within three years time, all notes except the will be made of plastic.The Bank of England have not yet confirmed when the old, cotton will be phased out.The plastic note was released in September 2016 and the polymer note entered circulation in September 2017.Why has JMW Turner been chosen?Turner Contemporary of Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, with a concept image for the new note which will feature artist JMW Turner.(Image: Anna Gordon/Turner Contemporary/PA Wire)Landscape painter Turner was one of the most influential artists in British history. In 2005, his famous oil painting The Fighting Temeraire was voted the nation's favourite.Turner was chosen for the note after members of the public were asked to nominate artists. {Friendly Links: Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses}