How to Farm Fallout 76 Caps 2020 - Easy Way

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How to Farm Fallout 76 Caps 2020 - Easy Way

There are a few confirmed ways to make Fallout 76 Caps very quickly in Fallout 76. Some of the methods that worked earlier have been patched by Bethesda, so it is important to note that while the methods described below work at the time of writing, they are subject to change. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated as new methods are worked out though, so stay tuned for further updates.

Killing Super Mutants

Super Mutants are the best source of caps. Of course, you can earn money by killing enemies of different types (and selling their loot) but Super Mutants additionally can have some caps on them. Go to the place where Super Mutants appear e.g. AVR Medical Center, kill and loot them and restart the game - they will respawn (you can repeat this process until you get the desired number of caps).

Fallout 76 Mothman Egg Farming

The first method we’re going to be taking a look at is farming and selling Mothman eggs. To find them, you’ll need to head down to the Mothman Museum area and look for Mothman eggs. Collect as many as you can and then load into a new server and collect more. These eggs will go for around 4 caps a piece, which will quickly add up. The main problem that you may run into is that vendors in a server only have a limited amount of caps to give you, but this will refresh over time.

Fallout 76 Super Mutant Farming

Another way that we’ve found that’s great for farming Caps is killing Super Mutants. They are an enemy in the game that often carry Caps on them, so killing them will earn you Caps from looting their bodies. One area that we’ve found particularly great for farming Super Mutants is the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. Just reload a server and then head here. There is usually around 20 Super Mutants to take on in this area, so kill them, collect Caps, then repeat.

Farming (literally)

You can occupy the camp in fallout 76 as a base of action. Many of them have a lot of valuable resources, such as veins, you can harvest aluminum and so on. If these materials are not required, they can be sold at any time before or after smelting.

Set up water purifier, you can also sell a bucket of water purifier yourself. In the past “ fallout “ games, this is a very good way to make easy game ceiling, so if you have enough patience, resources and plans, you can try it here.

Finish the task

It seems to be given, but it’s still a reliable way to make coins . We suggest that you summarize the list of border defense tasks and spend a lot of time to distract as much as possible. They always reward a lot of caps, so you’ll soon have enough in stock.

In order to maximize efficiency, please do your best to complete the task according to the location, so that you can fly from one location to another quickly without spending too much time, or even complete two tasks at the same time! To maximise efficiency, try your best to complete missions based on location so you can quickly flit from one to the other without much travel, or even complete two at the same time! You also can find a safe fallout 76 caps shop to buy Buy Fallout 76 Caps , save more time to enjoy the game, here i recommend you go to