What are the great Galaxy Opal player cards that appeared in 2K?

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In May, it released several Galaxy Opal cards that were very tempting for players. Galaxy Opal Magicians Johnson and Carmelo Anthony and Carl Anthony Towns have all appeared in 2K, inspiring players’ game enthusiasm, making many players looking for ways to get a lot of NBA 2K20 MT They can have these powerful players.

What surprises and surprises players is that they only need to complete the Campus Legends series to get the precious galaxy opal magician Johnson. In fact, his price is already cheaper than other particularly expensive players. It only costs 17,250 2K20 MT or 15,000 VC. Players with good luck will only need to spend 135,000 VC if they want to buy a 10-box package. If some players want to get Johnson once, then they better go directly to the auction house to buy him for nearly 700,000 2K20 MT.

The method of obtaining the Galaxy Opal Cameron Anthony does not differ from Magic Johnson. What makes Melo fans happy is that his price in the auction is only 600,000 2K20 MT. But for fans of Karl-Anthony Towns, it is too difficult to get him. They must gather all the cards in the Campus Legends to own him. It is best for players to purchase 10 to 15 packs at a time to get these player cards.

It is a well-known fact that each player corresponds to a challenge. Players will get a diamond card after completing each challenge. It is so pure game content that players do not need to spend too much NBA 2K20 MT to enjoy. For those players who especially want these player cards, it is time to go to Buy NBA 2K20 MT.

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