If you’re looking to light a warehouse

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Any kind of lighting that isn’t LED will dim the further you get away from the source.

Any kind of lighting that isn’t LED will dim the further you get away from the source. This means it leaves a warehouse parking lot susceptible to shadowy areas, which can create a security issue. These high-quality products consist of a sleek LED area light, flood light, and wall mount, all featuring the same cohesive design. Our last idea for lighting your putting green doesn't address how to light the green, but rather, how to light so you'll get the most enjoyment out of your backyard.

Don't lose sight of the other aspects that make your outdoor living so enjoyable! If you have an outdoor kitchen, bar top, pool deck, fire pit, etc., consider these when lighting your putting green. Any stop in operation costs time and money that facilities managers can’t afford to spend. So, if you’re looking to light a warehouse, make sure you choose reliable LED lighting that won’t let you down.

In addition to lighting your putting green, accenting key landscape features will really help elevate your backyard and provide you with a better sense of visual control over your surroundings. Whether it’s LED high bays and flat panels to optimize internal operations or wall packs and area lights to brighten parking lots and perimeters, we’ve got a wide selection of each to make your next warehouse project a breeze.

Enjoyable night in the backyard comes down to creating a sense of ambiance. If you are seriously thinking about a lighting project for your putting green or the rest of your outdoor living space, why not give your local outdoor lighting designer a call? With years of experience in all things exterior lighting, they'd love to come to visit with you and help you come up with a design that works best for your unique backyard getaway.