Madden team has devoted a lot of effort to the development of Madden 21

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It synchronizes the Madden series in proper time with the real NFL schedule. So players can experience different lineups of the same team at different times in the game. This started with the Kansas City Chiefs last year and will continue this year. EA wants to make the CPU-controlled quarterback behave more realistically every year. Players who spend a lot of MUT 21 Coins to buy players play its role.

Faced with pressure, the AI ​​quarterback will play its own style more realistically. For example, if a person competing for a quarterback can find an open running route, he will appear to run with the ball. When it feels stressed, the passing quarterback seems to throw the ball more and can even drive down those 1-on-1 shots to a favorable matchup. Compared with Tom Brady, this year’s game with Lamar Jackson is a unique experience. Therefore, it requires players to make a corresponding game plan. The pressure recognition capabilities of the AI ​​quarterback will expand according to the difficulty level.

In franchise mode games, a major immersive spoiled occurs in close-range games, and the CPU does not understand the difference between Madden minutes and actual time. EA said that at the end of the half game, the CPU will become more intelligent. According to EA, when choosing a hole, the guard will be more certain and the quarterback will pay more attention to avoiding injuries and falls. Finally, in this exhaustive list, EA provides excellent additions to games and animations. Every player has a unique playing style depending on the size and athletic ability of their model.

Everything the Madden team does is to make the players' game experience better. The content shown in the Madden 21 trailer has attracted many rugby-loving people to join the game. They should know that they need to Buy Madden 21 Coins first so that they know what to do after entering the game. Stay tuned!

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