Madden 21: First impression of early release of trial version-gameplay, graphics, courtyard, etc.

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The trial version of Madden 21 was released yesterday and will be fully released next week, making it one of the most difficult people in recent gaming history. 2020 is a crazy year, but for EA Sports, this is also a year when Madden fans start to say enough.

With the rapid development of the FixMaddenFranchise movement, this version of Madden 21 has always attracted attention. The initial feedback is not around the gameplay, the publisher will address it, but let's start here.

The gameplay is very good. Whether on offense or defense, the game is definitely slower. Whether on offense or defense, it feels more controlled, and the action is deliberate. We focus on simulated game modes and move as planned instead of button luck. If players want to fully control the game, they must first solve the problem of Madden NFL 21 Coins, which is a factor in determining the outcome of the game. Therefore, before Madden 21 was released, many players were already looking for suitable sellers. Because they don't want to waste too much time on getting MUT 21 Coins, they just want to enjoy the game.

Regarding the new stadiums, the new stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are very beautiful, and most of the players' images are on the scene. The shadow and reflection effects are incredible. It looks like it might get better on the next-generation console. It is exactly the same as the developers promised, and pure fun is everywhere.

The rules are completely different, it definitely requires getting used to, and I think it might be difficult to switch between this mode and other game modes. Franchising is becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons. In addition to the published roadmap, a lot of updates are needed. The trade logic seems to have disappeared, which is surprising because it is not that bad in Madden 20, so some adjustments were made in the wrong way.

For "Faces of Franchisees", there have been a lot of experiences that make the storyline look like a movie, similar to those seen in NBA 2k. But this may be an important point, but little change. There have been reports of people who passed each test and failed each test, but the storyline remains the same.

Turning from hope to disappointment, and then back, this has become the norm for Madden players, and this trial is a microcosm of it. The reality is that this game is a crucial market for EA Sports, and when this happens at the same time as the global pandemic, it will always be difficult. madden 21 Covering Bench Press 2 Absolute key: ability is more important than ever. The gameplay will be positively evaluated by us. It feels more deliberate and requires practical skills, not luck. Level and ability seem to be more important, it may be the difference between winning or losing. Many players have also discovered that a very important factor in the game is Madden 21 Coins. Players can Buy MUT 21 Coins in the game to improve your competitiveness and enjoy this game better.