Players who successfully create Grand Heists will receive some unique rewards for the league

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Each Grand Heist will provide players with five reward options. Some of them are new items that were just added in POE 3.12, such as Replica Unique Items and Alternate Quality gems. Besides these rare item rewards, players can also get some POE Currency to maintain their next step of the robbery needs.

The unique item of the replica requires 100 unique items with slight adjustments. Instead of bows that are usually scaled for flexibility, duplicate bows may have reduced strength. These minor adjustments will drastically change the use of cases of weapons and should add interest to POE within a few months.

Substitute quality gems provide similar ideas for skills. Substituting the usual gem quality will increase specific aspects of the skill. Substituting quality gems will use the same skill, but will add different aspects. One example provided to us by the developer Grinding Gear Games is a gem whose quality usually increases the chance of a critical strike. The alternative quality version will increase the original attack damage.

The rewards mentioned above are unique to POE Heist. Only one player can get an item from Grand Heists. Heist also pioneered the introduction of the first new trinket. For Heist, the trinket slot can only improve various Heist-related mechanisms. But according to Grinding Gear Games, the studio hopes to use Heist as a testing ground for trinkets. If the player likes the new mechanism, it may appear in the game as a permanent tool soon.

As always, the Heist update provides an additional quality of life features for the rest of the game. The development team has also improved curse skills and spell skills. And Mac users can immediately experience POE Heist on their own client. The much-expected new POE league is coming soon. Players must make a quick decision to POE Currency Buy to start Heist’s first step.