What are the good ways to get training points in Madden 21

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There are many different currency forms in Madden 21 such as MUT 21 Coins. Players can use these currencies to buy and sell player cards or training points or items that can help the team improve their attributes. Take the training points as an example. If players put a lot of training points on the players, the player’s ability value will continue to rise to unlock more offensive and defensive skills to help players easily win.

In MUT mode, players can get a considerable number of player cards and items by completing the challenge. They can sell useless items for training points. For example, selling a DeMarcus Lawrence card with a Quicksell option can get 160 training points. For Quicksell, they only need to select the option and confirm that they want to sell. It is free, and players can immediately add training points to their Madden 21 account. The upper right corner of the screen will display the current number of training points they have.

In addition, Madden 21 Superstar KO mode also provides rewards. For example, there were 85 Lamar Jackson cards in the early days, which could score 5 touchdowns. Players can convert the card to Quicksell to earn 450 training points. Therefore, for gamers who may not need Lamar as their lineup, please consider using this tool to convert it into some training. This is a limited time offer, but Superstar KO may also have other rewards.

Or players with many Madden 21 Coins can directly convert their coins into training points. A variety of challenge tasks will bring Madden Coins rewards for players. The accumulated amount is still considerable. For this they need to make sure that the card they buy can even provide the option of Quicksell for Training. In short, no matter which method it is, it is best for players to Buy MUT 21 Coins at GameMS before implementing it in case it is necessary.