Madden 21 Review

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There is no doubt that "Madden 21" is based on "Madden 20", and Madden 20 Coins has also been updated to Madden NFL 21 Coins. Many of the game features of last year returned like "Superstar X Factor", as did the main models of Ultimate Team and Franchise. This year's headline news is The Yard; EA is trying to bring us back to the arcade-style American football era and evoke memories of NFL Blitz and NFL Street.

The immediate problem facing The Yard is that it does not explain itself well to you. As a model in Madden 21, it has the same built-in engine and roughly the same controls. You would think it should be fairly easy to implement, but it is not. It seems to make you more interested in wearing a fluorescent shirt than the play mode itself. Its 6v6 action simplifies the core elements of American football to basic elements, while introducing some different game elements to make things come alive. The main selection prototype of the gameplay, it determines the player's skill tree and abilities.

Each setting has internal rules, so you may get 10 points for a pass of 40 yards or more, or the passing time will be shorter. Usually, each game can only use up to three drives, so they are a breeze, but in the end, everything becomes so irrelevant. Not enough to be a real arcade experience, and not enough weight to keep you coming back again and again. It’s an understatement that the abilities you gain here can be used in a largely unchanged franchise model, and vice versa

"Faces of Franchise" brings another kind of narrative-driven football. You will get the opportunity to participate in NCAA college football games for two seasons. Many fans have been yelling in the absence of dedicated games, but this is a straight line you must walk in the most limited games. Players in sports games Create tools.

Presentation is still the best choice for franchise, and Madden 21's TV style settings make you closer to the real game watching experience than ever. Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis sounded like crazy voices at this point, and their way of playing largely matched the actions on the screen.

Ultimate Team has remained basically unchanged from last year’s outing. It is still a fascinating fantasy football card game. Buy Madden Coins can form an ideal Ultimate Team. For Madden 22, this may be one of the few things that actually makes EA reconsider, but it may not be the case.