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Refrain from eating for two-3 hours previous to the take a look at, therefore that digestion does not interfere with optimal blood flow.

The stress test conducted by the physician can be performed with a motorized treadmill, bicycle or arm
ergometer. Often if the individual suffers from lower body maladies, or if a return to figure when an illness involves strenuous higher body activity, the arm ergometer could be used to provide a additional correct check.

The stress test is intended to challenge the body to a safe however necessary level to reveal irregularities that are unlikely to show when at rest. Usually an undiagnosed heart disease seems solely during vigorous exercise. The narrowed coronary arteries may supply enough blood to the resting individual, but, as oxygen desires rise, electrocardiographic abnormalities indicate a problem.

The physician can look for evidence of ischemia and its effects in rhythm disturbances (tachyarrhythmias or bradyarrhythmias), aortic and mitral valve disease, significant hypertension, and myocardial disease.
The strain test usually can not take additional than 10 minutes. Exercise for extended will live endurance instead of aerobic capacity (VO2max). During any physical activity, the body responds as follows: