Path of Exile: Streamer can be tortured by fans Entertainment-Grenades

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At 10:07 am on October 16, 2020, Matthias Brückle- For many years, streamers have been a unilateral profession, but more and more viewers are allowed to interact with streamers such as Quin69. Recently, he suffered from a prank on Twitch in "Path of Exile".

Those who are professional on Twitch can't always offer the same POE Currency to their fans. At least when you are watching the most popular Path of Exile streamer currently playing Path of Exile, this is how it works. Since the 30-year-old New Zealander now has more than 5 million followers on Twitch, he made it possible to block many obstacles in his creek. Even grenades.

Understandably, the streamer/community relationship will develop in strange directions. Over the years, the familiarity with Quin69 has made it completely normal, allowing the audience to make fun of his hair loss, painful figure and figure. But the next step seems to be a tactical stun grenade attack. Whoever wants to use the "channel points" he gets through watching, he can't use it to read messages automatically like other streamers, but trigger a flash in Quin69's room. CS: GO’s "Throwing Flashbang" quickly warned him.

If Quin69 is not doing anything special at the moment, is in production or usually not in battle, then that's okay. But, of course, when he was in a tough boss fight, he suffered the most.

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