Information About the Virus MRSA

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Not only did it work on me, but it has also worked with my own private clients.

Reflux is simply some of the contents of your The Shingles Solution Review  stomach backing up the esophagus, towards your mouth. The sour taste is because your stomach is acid.

Although your stomach must be acidic to digest the food, your body pH must be alkaline for you to stay alive. Reflux often happens in people whose body pH is coming dangerously close to the acid side.

Areas which contribute to an acidic pH body state are acidic foods, emotional stresses and environmental factors.

Acidic foods include processed foods and animal protein. Alkalising foods are fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds - all the plant-based foods.

So by simply cutting back on your processed food and animal protein and increasing your plant-based food, you may be able to heal your reflux altogether.