Being a Human Being: The Battle for Spirituality

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Our defense is to convert to offense. Our offense is only offending to Satan and his followers, which is exactly where we need to be... addressing those who are lost. Our defense is to boldly begin proclaiming our God, our Father, our Hope, our Faith, and His Word WITHOUT fear of consequen

Although I do NOT support a religious war in our country, I The New Happiness Code Review do state very clearly, based upon the Word of God, that we ARE and always have been involved in a spiritual war, and that we ARE here to openly and boldly proclaim our Father and His Word, and that if we do NOT do so NOW, that we are in dire jeopardy of having Jesus, our Christ Savior, not proclaiming our name before the Father. Make no mistakes...

God loves us, but he did destroy Sodom and countless others that denied Him. In our silence, we are denying Him. With that being said, are we also living just as Sodomites? Aren't we denying Him as we silently let His name, His honor, and His place that established our country be overtaken by political marketers that act as puppets and are promoting "special interest" group agendas at frightening rates.

As American Christians, with more human and financial resources than any other country on this planet, are we not responsible for not only our country, but for setting the example and precedence of Christianity and Christian rights the world over? If we cannot proclaim God's Word before our own openly and confident in His ability to change our own people, than how can we profess to send out missionaries with full confidence that our Father can also change those that we proclaim Him to in other countries?Either we have confidence and faith in our Leader, our Father, or we don't. We cannot honestly claim that peace through Him anywhere if we lack the strength, or the conviction, or the hope and trust in Him to change our own country in His sovereign plan for us.