Star Wars The Old Republic Galactic Season 2 changes released

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BioWare announced the upcoming changes to SWTOR Galactic Season 2, which includes the Legacy of the Sith expansion.

BioWare announced the upcoming changes to SWTOR Galactic Season 2, which includes the Legacy of the Sith expansion. The update of SWTOR PTS 7.0 is also coming soon. BioWare’s system designer David Staats posted the developer’s changes and reasons on the forum. Galactic Season 2 in SWTOR will change how players are provided with goals, so that players can really play the game at their own pace, instead of trying to meet the standard requirements for earning points. But getting Star Wars The Old Republic Credits is still very important, and players sometimes need to buy SWTOR Credits.

Priority goals refer to the daily tasks and weekly tasks players do for Galactic Season points. After the update, the priority target will have its own label instead of putting the priority target at the top of the conquest target list. Limited targets will have their own separate tabs in the conquer target window. In this way, players will be more convenient when performing tasks and can better enjoy the game content. This will attract more players to buy SWTOR Credits.

The focus of priority goals is shifting to weekly rather than daily. Currently, there are 2 daily goals and 2 weekly goals. With Galactic Season 2, they will change it to 10 weekly goals and 1 daily goal. This means that players have less pressure to log in everyday, and it is more consistent with the way login rewards work. Easier game rhythm will make players more willing to buy SWTOR Credits. This improves the game experience of players, so that they can complete tasks at their own pace and get SWTOR Credits.

Among these 10 weekly goals, players will choose 7 to complete, and the other 3 will lock. The weekly goals change every week, but everyone has the same 10 weekly goals, which makes it easier for players to complete the Galactic Season with friends. This improves the game's fun for players, and players will be more willing to buy SWTOR Credits. After all, there is nothing happier than completing game tasks with friends. For players, what they care most about is the speed of completing tasks and earning points. If the updated daily goals and weekly goals allow players to earn points and SWTOR Credits faster, then players will recognize this update. They will also be willing to buy SWTOR Credits in the next game to enhance the gaming experience.