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Budding journalist and college student Anastasia Steele has never been the adventurous type in any respect, so when she is faced with the prospect of interviewing the handsome and frighteningly mysterious young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is more than a little nervous. The interview doesn't go quite as well as she'd hoped, but it seems Christian has other interests in her. While he doesn't pander to the usual expectations of romance in a relationship, there's something utterly captivating and addictive about him that Anastasia just can't resist even when he reveals to her his innermost unusual sexual desires. Thriving on the feeling of being in control, all he wants to do is tie Anastasia up and introduce her to a whole new world of sensual experiences. But is she curious enough to sign away her body to a stranger?

1588KbAbstractUnequivocally tied to the protection and accumulation of private fortunes over time, the wealth management industry has mostly been portrayed in media and academic accounts in terms of exotic practices taking place in unreachable, offshore worlds. This thesis seeks to explore this sector of finance as a market that targets and serves the super rich and as a key site where capital is reproduced, but by attending to the more ordinary practices, procedures and experiences typically obscured in those accounts.

1325KbAbstractWith the advent of the Large Hadron Collider, we are in a new era in Particle Physics, in which unprecedented energy scales can be probed. Although it is a discovery machine, it has already been shown to be able to produce experimental precisions at the percent level, and so our theoretical calculations must match that, which requires (at least) calculations to next to leading order (NLO). In this thesis, we explain and develop new techniques for the evaluation of one loop integrals, which have historically been the bottleneck in NLO calculations. After introducing Quantum Field Theory and NLO calculations, we explain the process of tensor reduction and the golem95 method for avoiding its numerical instabilities. We follow this by discussing the techniques used to improve the stability of a library of scalar integrals (for two and three point integrals), and then we discuss the extension of the golem95 library to include complex internal masses, along with the reasons for doing so. We then bring together the GoSam project with the event generator Sherpa, in order to calculate the process pp e+e+ by diboson production to NLO, including the (formally higher order) loop induced process with gluons in the initial state.

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