What Do You Need to Know About Total Disc Arthroplasty?

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Disc arthroplasty is one of the common procedures that are performed to treat injuries and other conditions affecting the spine, especially the intervertebral discs.

This is an advanced surgical procedure that has gained popularity among orthopedic surgeons because of its success rate and improved post-surgical results. This surgery involves the replacement of a damaged disc with the artificial one made of metal to improve symptoms associated with the damaged spinal disc. It is carried out with the help of specially made Orthopedic Instruments and Ortho Surgical Implants.

This post will talk about disc arthroplasty in detail along with why and how it is performed.

Why is Total Disc Arthroplasty Performed?

Spinal discs play a vital role in protecting our spine from the impacts caused while doing daily activities and being engaged in sports activities. Disc arthroplasty is required to replace the damaged disc when all other treatments fail to improve the condition.

Besides traumatic injuries, one of the commonest reasons for damage to the intervertebral discs is age-related wear tear in the spine. Weak discs are prone to damage, and when such an event occurs, the inner material of the disc comes out. This causes various symptoms that include pain in the back neck, compression of nerves in the spine, loss of sensations in different locations of the body, and more.

Sometimes, non-surgical treatment methods do not relieve the condition and hence, surgery is required in such cases to remove the problematic disc and replace it with a new artificial one.

How Total Disc Arthroplasty is Done?

Total disc arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed in an operation theater after giving anesthesia to the patient. This means that the patient will not be in his/her senses during the operation thus, no pain will be experienced at the time of surgery.

The surgery starts with the incision that is made according to the location of the damaged disc after cleaning the site. After the incision, the surgeon will gently create space for an unobstructed view of the damaged spinal disc by moving the skin, muscles, and other structures aside gently. Once the surgeon is able to view the damaged disc without any restrictions, he will cut the problematic disc and bone using appropriate orthopedic instruments.

Now, an artificial disc, generally made of metal is placed properly in the gap and the soft tissues are realigned back to their natural position. The incision is then closed, and dressing is applied to avoid any contact with the external environment for a few days. To curb pain, analgesics will be prescribed.

How is the Recovery After Total Disc Arthroplasty?

The two most important factors that impact the recovery after total disc arthroplasty include the severity of the condition and the age of the patient. Besides this, the area where the surgery is done also plays a vital role in deciding the recovery time.

To ensure improved and better recovery, it is important to be in touch with the orthopedic surgeon and follow all the instructions. 

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