Portrait Retouching Services

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High quality photography is the backbone of every business in retail, luxury, e-commerce to construction and all other fields. Photos speak louder than words, and we work hard at Steve to make sure each photo has its own story!

A perfect portrait / headshot is just as important as creating the right set of photo editors – one has to make sure the whole thing is consistent. At Stelavi, our portrait editing service providers ensure that each photo is retouched and the background is adjusted to maintain uniformity across different industry standards.

Each photo works by using a photo filter, airbrushing the skin if necessary, coloring the overall image, and removing stains and blemishes if necessary. Expression, contrast, vibration and concentration are the editing features we focus on.

Whether your editorial website needs your edited portrait or an entire team needs professional photo editing services – we do it all under one roof, Stelavi only!

Our services are low cost, timely delivered and follow an approach that is customizable to your needs. False hair removal, teeth whitening, eyebrow and lip restoration, image liquefaction, red-eye removal, and shadow correction are just a few of the many things that can be done to edit a portrait / headshot image to reveal flawlessness in the image.

From perfecting a model's face to visualizing a board member, our Portrait Retouching Services guarantee 100% results that reflect their company's signature and brand voice with customer expectations.