1976 of Rebirth

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Zhang Qian turned into the door ready to close, suddenly thought of one thing, "go back and say to someone, don't come to trouble my house again, otherwise, hum, you know."

After Zhang Qian sat down for a meeting, he looked at Zhang Xu who was still on the side. How much work did he do today? When he heard that someone was speaking ill of him, he didn't even think about it. Except for that person, who would rush to say so here? "When you meet that person in the future, don't even pay attention to her. Just think that she is farting." The best way to deal with that kind of person is to ignore, make trouble with her, bicker with her, will only lower their level, "Besides, we have to deal with her is not easy, she is not in good health, she has the nerve to come to our mother to help see a doctor?" Zhang Xu, who did not understand her sister's idea, gave Zhang Qian a thumbs-up. "Sister, you are still awesome. I think she must be very uncomfortable at home now. She can't walk." When cleaning just now, after Zhang Xu asked Zhao Yun, he knew that there was nothing wrong with that person's leg. Why did she walk like that? There was only one situation, that is, her foot was twisted, and she ran. Now the problem will only be more serious. "Even if she dares to come to the door, I won't let our mother go to help cure the disease." In the evening there is a watch, that step by step looking at the sky,push back racking system, want to ask for some pink, although step by step know that they are not diligent, and can not tell you how much pink plus more, but step by step to ensure that this month two days three more. Chapter 58 asking for help When Ge Sumei came in with the dishes, she heard that the sister and brother were discussing what not to see a doctor, so she asked, "Who is not feeling well?" Zhang Qian did not have a good airway, "who else can it be,metal racking systems, except for a guy who is full." Han Wenyang held the cup in both hands and listened to them. Although he didn't know much about it, he understood that someone had come to the Zhang family or Zhang Qian's trouble today and had found a place for Zhang Xu. The man was also a little uncomfortable. They discussed not letting Aunt Ge go to see a doctor. As soon as Ge Sumei heard this, she understood who she was talking about. She put the dishes away and said lightly, "I'm just a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. I know a little about medicine. I don't know about orthopaedics." Even if you know, you won't go to help see a doctor. "You two help clean up. We're going to eat." When Ge Sumei's family was still eating, they heard someone knocking at the door. Zhao Yun had almost eaten anyway, so she went down to the Kang to open the door. When she saw someone coming, her face was elongated and she had no good airway. "Wang Li, you are really a rare guest. How can you come to the door today?" This Zhu Meili's henchmen, but also loyal henchmen, although the usual words did not say too much, but she looked at herself and Zhang Qian's eyes absolutely explain the problem. Does the sun rise from the west today? Zhao Yun said and looked outside the door, "It seems that there is no sun today. It's really strange." Wang Li actually really don't want to come, on the way she thought, Zhao Yun will certainly seize the opportunity to taunt themselves, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,heavy duty metal racking, did not think she was really not polite, open the door will not give themselves a good look, Wang Li looked at Zhao Yun that face, want to jump up and pull it off, step on the ground mercilessly, but Wang Li think of lying on the Kang helpless Zhu Meili, or endure this tone. "I'm looking for Zhang Qian's mother." Zhao Yun looked at Wang Li in a funny way. "Why, are you pregnant?" Wang Li became angry and pointed at Zhao Yun, saying, "You speak with some virtue. Do you speak like that?"? I'm not even married. Where did you get pregnant? "You're not pregnant, so why are you looking for Aunt Ge?" Zhao Yun looked at Wang Li in a funny way. "Who here doesn't know that Aunt Ge is an obstetrician and gynecologist? Are you looking for Aunt Ge to catch up?" Wang Li finally can not help, do not want to see Zhao Yun that proud expression, "do I have to find her through your consent?"? You think you are a dog of the Zhang family. As soon as someone comes to the house, he drives you out and says you are a good friend. I think he treats you as a servant. Now they don't need you. You can bow down and step down. Oh, yes, they are actually very kind to you. They help you get a single room. Wang Li laughed at Zhao Yun, really when you are a character, is not a dog of the Zhang family, others help to come, you are not obediently get out. Zhang Qian was uncomfortable in the room. What does this mean? Zhang Qian put on her shoes and went to the gate. She saw that she was an unknown person. She looked for it in the memory bank left by the original owner. Finally, she matched it. It turned out to be one of Zhu Meili's henchmen. "Yo, I said who it was. It turned out to be someone's loyal henchmen. I said you didn't go to comfort someone today. Why did you come here?" Why do you still want to help someone reverse the verdict? I can tell you that if you make trouble again, we will let the village head to judge. Why can't Zhao Yun divide the house? Why is it so difficult for her to divide the house? I want to give you a constant discussion. A group of people just left, and another person came. It's better to come while eating. "I'm just here to talk to your mother about something. As for giving us such a big deal?" Wang Li is also angry. It's really hard to go out today. Zhang Qian looked at Wang Li's indifferent expression and smiled, "I'm looking for my mother to complain. My mother was so angry with someone this morning that she didn't have the strength to listen to your complaint again. Well, we know the purpose of your coming. You can go back." Zhang Qian turned into the door ready to close, suddenly thought of one thing, "go back and say to someone, don't come to trouble my house again, otherwise, hum, you know." We are now protected by our parents and younger brother, and you, Zhu Meili, can't deal with it. Moreover, we have a good relationship with the authorities. If you find fault again, let your mother talk to the village and let her do the most tiring and dirty work, and see how she will drag it. Wang Li was shocked by Zhang Qian's vicious eyes. My mother, although she had heard Zhu Meili mention it once before, she said that since Zhang Qian fell ill, she had changed a lot and was not as easy to bully as before. At that time, Wang Li was still laughing at Zhu Meili's courage. She didn't think she was wrong. She thought that the village head had specially given the house to Zhao Yun. She can not understand the meaning, alas, just how did not hold back, in case they have a good relationship with the village head, to wear their own shoes is not a simple matter. Wang Li decided to go back and talk to Zhu Meili, next time do not find Zhang Qian's trouble, or when there is no definite evidence, either do not provoke Zhang Qian,medium duty racking, or there is sufficient evidence, completely kill her, so that she has no chance to turn over. kingmoreracking.com