Konoha Ghost Market of Hokage

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Ouyang held his heart and knelt on one knee. After waiting for a long time, he fainted on the ground in an instant.

"Whew.." Whew.. Ouyang gasped for breath and restored the wounds on his body to their original state. If he did not solve these wounds in the next confrontation, then a large amount of blood loss would cause physical exhaustion. When the time came, he was really looking for death! Hanzo still looked at Ouyang with red eyes and a cold face. "Does he want treatment?"? Then let him treat. I'd like to see how many chakras he has to waste! In the hearts of the older generation of ninjas like Hanzo, ninjas should not be afraid of injury, and it is undoubtedly the right thing to exchange injuries or even limbs for each other's lives. In his opinion, the other side's behavior of treating himself in battle can be classified as a coward! Ouyang stood up slowly, and the bleeding wound gradually tightened and healed. Without waiting for Ouyang to move further, Hanzo's whip leg swept towards Ouyang's temple with the force of wind and thunder! Hanzo is waiting for this moment! No matter who, in the treatment of their wounds at the moment, the spirit will always be slightly relaxed, this is not a matter of experience, but human instinct! "Ouyang Fluid Technique!"! The Golden Bell Jar! Ouyang had no time to dodge, directly hardened his body, raised his arm to resist the whip leg, and smiled at the corners of his mouth, "Ouyang Fluid Art!"! Seven Wound Fist! The empty right fist silently struck Hanzo in the lower abdomen. Silly X, compare body art with me, you are disrelish oneself die not fast enough! Ouyang disdained to complain in his heart. Hanzo also smiled slightly, unexpectedly did not dodge the hard resistance under this boxing! Ouyang in the heart a happy, the fist on the instant force,caustic calcined magnesite, seven different forces toward the tendons and veins of Banzang swim! As long as we can destroy Hanzo's Chakra channel, the battle will be won! "It worked!" Ouyang secretly said in his heart that he clearly sensed that Hanzo's tendons and veins had been stirred up in a mess, and that Hanzo should no longer have the power to resist! Tick tock! Several drops of warm liquid fell on Ouyang's arm, if not wrong, this should be Hanzo's blood! Ouyang raised his head, suddenly startled, where is the blood on the arm,Magnesium Sulphate price, is a few drops of clear water! Following Ouyang's fist, Hanzo turned into a pool of clear water and melted into the ground! Shuidun Water Substitute! "Shit!"! Shave! Ouyang secretly said, the whole person disappeared on the ground in an instant, but still a slow step, feet just left the ground was caught! Earth Dun, the art of beheading in the heart! Ouyang's whole body was pulled into the ground, leaving only one head exposed! Fool, I'm Hanzo! A demigod! Hanzo's facial expression suddenly became ferocious, and his hands began to print at a high speed, but in a moment, several water dragons hit the ground where Ouyang was one after another, and the ground was dented! Banzang gazed, there was no Ouyang figure in the pit, only a broken wood lying in the middle! Substitute! Originally, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, I didn't want to use this skill, because this skill is a real desperate ninjutsu, but it seems that I can't use it. "Ouyang's voice came from all directions, even with Hanzo's ability, can not determine the exact location of Ouyang!"! Suddenly, the whole battlefield was filled with songs! The faint song wrapped around Hanzo's body like a filament! No matter what kind of Ninjutsu Hanzo uses, whether it is water substitute or substitute, whether it is water dun or instant body, it can not get rid of the entanglement of this song! Where Hanzo ran straight at a tree! Ouyang is behind the tree! "Bang, bang, bang!" Accompanied by the song, Hanzo's heartbeat was clearly audible! It was Ouyang's heartbeat that echoed the sound of Hanzo's heartbeat. "Bang, bang!" The hearts of the two men jumped! Unexpectedly achieved a strange unity! The hearts of both sides beat at a synonymous rate! "Ahem!"! Poof! Ouyang suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood, "Ouyang Liu Forbidden Art, Song of Death!" Ouyang raised his eyes and looked at Banzang. "Now our heartbeat is the same. No matter whose heartbeat stops, the other one will also stop!"! Let's see who is more ruthless! Ouyang's face suddenly became ferocious, and in an instant he inserted his hand into his chest and grasped his heart! Hanzo's face changed! He felt Ouyang's heartbeat slowing down and his own heartbeat slowing down at the same time! This kind of weird art, only believe it, not believe it! Hanzo spoke slowly, "Boy, you don't want to die!"! With your age, there will definitely be a glorious future in the future, dragging me to be buried together, presumably you are also very helpless! "Poof!" Oben can't open his mouth! The act of holding his own heart was really unpleasant, and he just stared straight at Hanzo with the eyes of a trapped animal! I will leave here and retreat when I see you in Yuren Village! After I leave, you unlock this! Otherwise I don't mind dragging Konoha's future to perish together! Hanzo said coldly, and then a few dodged away from the battlefield! Ouyang held his heart and knelt on one knee. After waiting for a long time, he fainted on the ground in an instant. This art is the same as the art of sealing ghouls! After the heart is crushed, the souls of both the performer and the performer will be crushed along with the heart! Ouyang, at stake! .. Volume II World War II Chapter 38 Saved "Sunshine is so dazzling!" Ouyang slowly opened his eyes, and in an instant he was shaken by the sunlight and closed his eyes again. wWw. keNweN. CoM "Where is this place?" Ouyang was talking unconsciously. You're awake!? A call of surprise came from the side, and in an instant a figure stood in front of the window, and the room darkened. Ouyang opened his eyes again, the white ceiling, the white chandelier, and the strong smell of disinfectant, as well as the familiar touch of the hospital bed, if not wrong, this should be Konoha's hospital. He's been slacking off a lot in his hospital bed. Slowly turned his head, Tsunade is a face of surprise looking at himself, Zilai also squatted on the bedside table, a face of wretched stealing fruit brought to Ouyang by visitors, Orochimaru leaning against the door, the corners of his mouth slightly raised,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, a pair of snake eyes with a hard to hide the joy, thousand hands night is holding a small scorpion standing behind Tsunade, is still a look of indifference. But the care in his eyes seemed to overflow. stargrace-magnesite.com