I have four bosses after wearing the book.

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She thought she had saved Yin Ling, so that Xu Yue had one less admirer and supporter.

Mu Zhixue waited for her to finish eating an apple before saying, "If you have time, you can bring him here.". Now the human position here is much better than before, and it can be used as a place for tourism and relaxation. Mu Ruowen thought about it, but shook her head: "I am very busy. Even if I can accept it, I may not be able to come so far away to relax." Mu Zhixue said, "It's good to be enterprising." "That's right," agreed Mu Ruowen, as if she had been led away. Bai Lin is beside: "..." He has always felt that Fu Han that guy is very annoying, because Mu Ruowen will always be attracted to him. Now it seems that compared to Mu Zhixue, Fu Han that guy is a piece of cake. It seems that he has to find a way to return to the most important position of Mu Ruowen. Unfortunately, before he could implement it, the demon world had to rush back to arrange it because he had to enter the household registration of the world. I'm afraid this arrangement will not come back for a while. Even though Bai Lin's teeth were itching with hatred, he had to leave. After all, the demon world is in chaos, the human world will be in chaos, when the time comes, Mu Ruowen is in danger, even with his protection, it is not perfect. Whether it's for the responsibility of the demon world or for the people he wants to protect, he has to go back. Not only to go back,outdoor whirlpool, but also to handle things well! Although Mu Ruowen did not know very specifically, she also knew that this matter was very important. So he didn't mean to leave Bai Lin behind at all, so he sent him to the airport in person. He was afraid that if he did not obey the rules and left directly with magic, he would be caught by the spiritual practitioners, and he was afraid that it would not be another account. Listen to the master contact said, Bai Lin's various acts, if not for the harm of human beings,Chinese spa manufacturer, I am afraid it would have been on the blacklist of the world! Meaning, belong to the black household, and even be the kind of wanted by the world! Unless he does not go down the demon mountain all his life, he will not be able to get peace! Chapter 155 Although it was Mu Ruowen who took the initiative to send Bai Lin away, the latter seemed reluctant to part with him. But when she really sent someone away, she was a little sad. After all, she had done it before, and Bai Lin would never recover her memory. Or wait a long, long time. Mu Ruowen thought she was just a little sad, until her brother wiped her tears and found that she had shed tears again. She wiped the corners of her eyes, sniffed and laughed, "Do you think I'm going to be a teardrop?" As soon as the voice fell, she felt a slight chill on her forehead. There was no discomfort, but it made her itch a little. She couldn't help but raise her hand to touch her forehead, but her wrist was caught. She looked at Mu Zhixue, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, who was staring straight at her, with a twinkling expression: "Brother?" Mu Ruowen did not know how she ran home. Yes, as soon as she sent Bai Lin to the plane, she went back to buy a ticket and ran away. Although it was all arranged by Percy. She sat on the plane holding her face, obviously this behavior is to avoid her brother, and finally all her actions are supported by her brother. The ticket was bought by my brother's card, and the seat was chosen by my brother himself. Except there's no brother on the plane now, it's exactly the same as before. She and her brother had not been intimate, and the act of kissing their foreheads had happened repeatedly. But this time, she always felt something was different. Did your brother change, or did you change? Mu Ruowen's mind is so confused now that she doesn't know what she's thinking. If she had known that her biological brother was Carol, she would not have taken this faint kiss to heart. But now it seems that everything is different. Mu Ruowen could not say whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. Mu Ruowen propped up her chin and looked at the sky outside, and when she was fascinated, the familiar voice sounded before she got off the plane. Mu Ruowen returned home secretly without telling anyone. So when she returned to Lark, she was left alone. Thought this period of time to be boring for a while, after all, deep recently to make a movie, master is not often down the mountain, mulberry sparrow is also busy, Bai Lin is also dealing with the demon world household registration. Even my brother kept taking time out for her. Look at it this way, she's the only one. As soon as it was so loud, there was a sound at the door, and Mu Ruowen immediately came to her senses and looked at the seemingly dull teenager standing at the door. The boy was dressed in numbered musical notation and looked like a high school student with glasses on his nose. He looked at Mu Ruowen as if he were not sure. He pursed his lips and said, "I'm sorry, I'm looking in the wrong place." Without waiting for him to turn around and leave, Mu Ruowen stood up from the sofa and said with her hands behind her back, "Long time no see, Fei Zicheng." The boy turned around and held his eyes. It was Fei Zicheng, one of the two high school students Mu Ruowen knew when she was working at Weishi Welfare Hospital. Why is it just you? Where is your friend Yin Ling? Mu Ruowen is obviously more interested in Yin Ling than Fei Zicheng. If she hadn't seen Fei Zicheng this time, she would have forgotten that there was another'heroine 'in the world, Xu Yue. She thought she had saved Yin Ling, so that Xu Yue had one less admirer and supporter. Unexpectedly, there is no use at all. She could not live a good life for Xu Yue, so naturally she didn't care. But the death of the original body, more or less should have something to do with Xu Yue. Did not see Xu Yue all right, see Xu Yue related, Mu Ruowen naturally can not do nothing. Even if the original body has all kinds of bad, after all, can not be reduced to that point. What's more, now she has the vitality of the original body, whether for the sake of gratitude or for her own moral restraint. She can't ignore the person who is likely to be the murderer. Who knew that when Fei Zicheng heard Yin Ling's two words, he did not change his color. "I'm not very familiar with him," he said. Mu Ruowen:?? Mu Ruowen only felt that Fei Zicheng was cheating her. At that time, he had reached the point of borrowing a car. How could he not be familiar with it? But think of Yin Ling really after knowing Xu Yue, it seems that there is no communication. Maybe something happened that she didn't know about? "By the way, what are you doing here?" Hearing Mu Ruowen's words,4 person jacuzzi, Fei Zicheng hesitated for a moment, as if he were thinking about something. Mu Ruowen looked at him and smiled, without interrupting his thoughts. monalisa.com