My ghost husband.

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Although I didn't believe it, they all went out the next day. Li yuanyuan's family was almost the same as mine, but she had a much better appetite

The day before the college entrance examination, I sat in the corner in a daze, because I knew very well what the result of the exam would be, my parents' hopes would be disappointed, and my efforts would be in vain. The cause of all this was that I didn't know whether it was a person or a ghost. I hated it and had no alternative. In the evening he came again and sat beside me. This time he spoke, saying that he would leave for a while and let me take good care of myself. I broke out, holding him to the ground, pinching his neck, tearing my heart and lungs, he appeared so inexplicably, ruined everything for me, and now to leave, but also with this hypocritical face, I had the idea of killing for the first time. My parents were so used to my weird behavior that they didn't come to my room. They took me to see a psychiatrist to make sure I wasn't mentally ill. It was just too much pressure. I thought anyone who stayed with a guy who was not a ghost would be crazy. I pinched very hard, but he was quiet and did not resist, the cloak hat covered most of his face, I was powerless to let go of my hand, because I pinched only a black gas, in his eyes my behavior may be ridiculous. Unexpectedly, the next moment he rolled over on my body, biting my earlobe with his cold lips, murmuring, "Anyone who wants to hurt you or take you away deserves to die.." I looked at the dark ceiling,whirlpool hot tub, and my thoughts were clear for a moment, and the voice was familiar, until he left me with a kiss on my lips, and I saw his picturesque face, as amazing as I had seen it for the first time in the cave. Now that I have grown up, I probably understand what happened when I was a child. He is just a dead man. Whether he is grateful or otherwise, I still can't understand his behavior. Probably he left, for a long time tense nerves relaxed down, I actually fell asleep during the exam,massage bathtub manufacturers, for several days in a row, as if never wake up, these days he did not appear again, although I will reread, but I am not disappointed. Seeing that I was suddenly in a better mood, my parents were very strange. They probably knew the result of my exam, but they didn't say anything when they saw that my condition was getting better, for fear of stimulating me again. Later, when the exam results came down, my happy mood fell to freezing point in an instant. I was admitted to a good university, not only others did not believe it, but also I did not believe it. I thought of that "person", perhaps this is his apology for the troubles I have caused in the past few years, my parents'hope has not been disappointed, although I was a little perturbed, but also can not stop the joy, endless swimming pool ,5 person hot tub, the university entrance examination and get rid of him, there is nothing better. I thought this was a good start, but I didn't think that the university was the beginning of my nightmare. On the first day of school, someone died in the abandoned laboratory building. The news of this incident was unexpectedly blocked very well. I heard from my classmates that it was not the first time that such a thing had happened. The police identified it as suicide, and the school symbolically paid some money for it. It has been like this for more than ten years. The abandoned laboratory building has always been a restricted area of the school, but there are always students who will go, the result is the same end, the joy at the beginning disappeared, I suspect that all this is the guy's intention, but I do not know why he did so. Because of him, my cognitive view has been subverted. There must be a secret in this school. I have been calculated, and there is no way to turn back. After a week in this school, everything was just like my fantasy college life. No one knew about my past, I had new friends, and they didn't have any accidents because of me. This day after class, the bulletin board posted a notice that tomorrow is a day off, but tomorrow is Thursday, is not a statutory holiday, although I do not object to a holiday, but the heart can not help but good. I also found that those who read the announcement were all freshmen. Those seniors seemed to know that they would have a holiday tomorrow. Some students also asked, but they just said that this was the holiday stipulated by the school, every year, and the specific reason was unknown. Back in the dormitory, my roommates were all discussing where to play tomorrow. I was from other places, and I didn't have much spare money, so I wanted to spend a day at school. Li yuanyuan came back in the evening. As soon as she came in, she asked us if we wanted to know why we would have a holiday tomorrow. If we wanted to know, we had to give her a bag of snacks. There were four people in our dormitory, me, Qin Yao, Ma Shuyun, and Li yuanyuan. We reluctantly gave her a bag of snacks, Qin Yao impolitely hit her with her weight, and then Li yuanyuan said what she had heard. She said very mysterious, because tomorrow is commonly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, many people are out tonight, and so on the day after class to come back, but also said that this school used to be a cemetery, so there will be a dead incident, tomorrow there will be a campus full of ghosts. They all listened to it as a joke. How could there be such feudal superstition in the school? Other people do not care, only my heart some hair, but I really saw a ghost ah! Although I didn't believe it, they all went out the next day. Li yuanyuan's family was almost the same as mine, but she had a much better appetite. Her family gave her a lot more money. She went out to eat a lot during the holidays. I didn't go because I knew how hard my parents worked and asked her to bring me a meal when she came back. Ma Shuyun is a bookworm and a neat freak. She went out to buy things. Qin Yao's family seems to be well off. She wears a famous brand. Early in the morning, she put on a beautiful makeup and went out for a date. I don't know if she will come back at the party, but Li yuanyuan and Ma Shuyun should come back, so I don't have to be afraid at night. When it was getting dark, the door of the dormitory opened. I thought it was Li yuanyuan who came back. I took out my money sleepily to pay for the meal. Unexpectedly, a stranger came in and sat in Ma Shuyun's bed without saying a word. I am a little stupefied, Ma Shuyun is a neat freak, usually do not let us sit on her bed to touch her things, that person is probably the wrong dormitory,outdoor spa manufacturers, I was about to remind when Li yuanyuan's voice came from outside the door, "I am tired to death, Yiyi you come out to help me carry things.." l/book/40/40693/index.html Chapter 3 being forced to marry by ghosts.