Little one, take your son and marry me.

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He still fixed his little head with his hand and forbade her to look back at the disgusting scene.

Hearing the voice of the blue hibiscus, he sobbed and lifted his little head from Su Ruiqiang's arms and turned back bitterly. Xiao Fengyao's brain roared like a lightning strike. Mian Mian, that's Mian Mian! Did he have time to stop the man with the gun! One more chapter first, and there will be thousands of words later. 90, who is looking for death in Chapter 90 of the main text! Chapter 90 who wants to die? Chapter 90 who wants to die? Chapter 91 brother Yao's mouth is delicious. Chapter 91 brother Yao's mouth is delicious. Chapter 91 brother Yao's mouth is delicious. 91, Chapter 91 of the main text Brother Yao's mouth is delicious. Xiao Fengyao did not dare to rush up, afraid that if he startled the man, his impulse would hurt Mian Mian ()! At this moment, it is too late to think about who the man's goal is. "Bang" to a gunshot, everyone was shocked, blue hibiscus suddenly turned back. Only to find that it was the man holding the gun who fell down! Oh, my god Shoot the man who killed a thousand knives! Laozi grass his ancestors! Oh, it hurts. It hurts so much! Xu Hui was sweating all over his face, rolling on the ground with his wrists covered, and howling like a pig was heard throughout the box. All this happened too suddenly, the next second, a fast figure, has jumped to the front of Su Ruiqiang, not to say that the trembling figure tightly in his arms. He would not let Mian Mian see the blood, press her head on her chest in a domineering manner, and isolate all the darkness and fear from this small world. The sound of gunfire in the box, even the waiter in the aisle, was also attracted. What's going on? "Ah-murder, shooting!" A lot of blood! Ah Noisy voices sounded outside the box, several waiters who came in panicked, and the public relations ladies who stood at the door cried out one after another. Someone or do not know who fired the gun,mobile racking systems, but Ouyang Chi is very clear, it is Xiao Fengyao that guy! Xiao Fengyao, a friend of the two for many years, knew where Ouyang Chi's gun was hidden on his body. In a hurry, he had no choice but to pull it out and fire a shot regardless of the consequences, hitting Xu Hui in the wrist! "Who fired the gun? I'm going to shoot you!" Xu Hui roared at the top of his voice, no matter how he roared, he could not alleviate the pain on his body, and his wrist was bleeding profusely. What's the matter, young master? Blue hibiscus's men rushed in,industrial racking systems, only need a look signal, immediately began to dismiss the miscellaneous people at the door, close the box door, stand at the door strictly guarded, the young master did not order, they will not allow anyone to come out or go in! Xu Hui's howl is more and more low voice, Zhang Ke and He Shichang even dare not go out of the atmosphere, for fear that the next one will be their turn! The smell of blood on the floor, disgusting, but no one has the slightest sympathy, these three men, do not know how many innocent girls entrapped! There are also cotton doors. Mian Mian suddenly looked up in the familiar chest, when he saw that this man was Yao's brother, grievance, fear, humiliation. It all came up. "Wow.." Purr Brother Yao, where have you been. Whoo, whoo. I can't find you.. There are bad people.. Bad guy The heart-rending wail broke everyone's heart, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, and the broken shirt hanging from her waist was the best illustration of what had just happened to her! Xiao Fengyao peeped at the snow-white scenery on Mian Mian's body, although it was covered by his shirt, but only a small piece was enough to attract! Xiao Fengyao even had the heart to die, and something in his mind was colliding violently, looking at the eyes of the three men with a bloodthirsty red light. The whole heart is clenched together, want to comfort, words to the mouth and feel so powerless, when things happen he is not around her, what to say is superfluous! "Ouyang, take off your clothes!" Xiao Fengyao suddenly burst out this sentence, let Su Ruiqiang and blue hibiscus stay for a while, this person's thinking is too strong! Only Ouyang Chi understood what he meant. He does not allow Mian Mian to wear other men's clothes, and his own is see-through clothes, of course, it is not appropriate for Mian Mian to wear, so he would rather wear his friend's clothes than wear the purple eyes. Ouyang Chi briskly took off his coat, and Xiao Fengyao quickly tore off the shirt on Mianmian's body and immediately wrapped her up. What are you going to do? "Ouyang Chi frowned. It's not funny for this old friend to be annoyed, but it's too reckless. When he shot, the two women at the door saw it, which is very bad for the aftermath." Xiao Fengyao did not answer Ouyang Chi, but spread out a hand to him. Ouyang Chi was stunned for two seconds, then flattened his mouth and handed the pistol to Xiao Fengyao again. Boom! Boom !” Two shots in a row, Zhang Ke and He Shichang each received a shot in the shoulder, a miserable roar, one louder than the other, crying father and mother, although not immediately fatal, but if they continue to bleed regardless, will die! Xiao Fengyao's eyes, cold as a knife, burst with dark red flames, like demons from hell, and the momentum of destruction can make people jumpy! But when his eyes touched the child in his arms, they immediately changed 180 degrees, incredibly soft. He still fixed his little head with his hand and forbade her to look back at the disgusting scene. He knew that Mian Mian was kind, so he did it for him. Without blood, it was hard to eliminate the hatred in his heart! But his eyes. Su Ruiqiang suddenly felt that her throat was dry, she was a policeman, at this moment, she felt that she was nothing, so small, inconspicuous, she had an intuition, Xiao Fengyao and the man beside him, as well as the purple eyes, are not ordinary people, even if she came forward to stop now, it can not play a deterrent role! Ouyang Chi fiercely rolled his eyes, this Xiao Fengyao can be rampant enough, even fired three shots, but he is not surprised, Xiao Fengyao's words in the bone of the fierce attack, even he is self-pity. Blue hibiscus slightly narrowed a pair of deep eyes, he wanted to hold himself now! However, he can also see clearly, her eyes only that surname Xiao! He lowered his eyes, covered all his emotions, and bent down to pick up his shirt. When he looked up again,warehouse pallet racks, his eyes were complicated and deep, and his feet seemed to be filled with lead. He could not convince himself to walk away like this, and there was a kind of emotion suppressed in his heart.