Who is Not without Sin - Red Dead Redemption 2, Chapter 2

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Arthur arrives at Flatneck Station to look for Reverend Swanson. He finds him beyond intoxicated, playing poker with two men named Luther and Marvin. After he passes out, Luther asks Arthur to play the Reverend's hand. If Arthur does, he will play poker with the men until either one of them busts out until five hands have been played, or if the player decides to simply leave the game. Arthur gets up to leave and notices that Swanson has gone. Arthur searches for him, and finds him being beaten by a man. Arthur fights the man and defeats him, then chases after a nearby shepherd, who had seen the fight and stops him from getting the law. The Reverend is then seen on the railway bridge and has gotten his foot stuck in the tracks. Arthur runs onto the bridge and barely manages to save him from a passing train, after which Swanson apologizes to Arthur for all the trouble he caused and passes out again. Arthur takes Swanson back to camp and leaves him in his tent to sleep it off.