Shangguan Ding Qibu Gan Ge

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He thought carefully all the way, and it was impossible for anyone to follow him without noticing. "Don't worry

He thought carefully all the way, and it was impossible for anyone to follow him without noticing. "Don't worry, my good brother," said Li Youshi. "Your father asked me, the elder brother, to take care of you when he left. You can rest assured that your brother has a strange skill. How can his future be limited?" The other man said, "I'm a muddle-headed man. I depend on my eldest brother for guidance. It's just that I think we can't feel at ease when we invite foreigners to bully our own people." The man surnamed Li laughed and said, "This.." This Brother, you don't understand, we are here. It's just a means.. Hey, hey. It's just a means. When we have enough feathers, will we still be angry? "That's what the eldest brother said," said the other man. "Although the younger brother doesn't understand, it must be reasonable. The younger brother listens to the eldest brother in everything, except killing people for the barbarians." "That's a good brother," said Li. "There's no other man in the world who can exorcise animals. You've made good use of it, brother, to achieve a very good reputation." The man said, "When my father taught me this art, he said that if you drive away evil animals, you will be sent by heaven. What on earth is this wolf blood grass? It is expected to be irrigated with the blood of the wolf every day." The man surnamed Li said, "I don't know about this elder brother either. Anyway,Prison toilet for sale, Aunt Wu Poison has given us this grass seed, and we've handed it over. When Brother Qin comes back from the Western Regions in a few days, we'll go and look for him." Two people chatted again for a while, its heart this just understands, surnamed Qin originally ran to the west city, no wonder oneself search him everywhere, who is that five poison disease aunt? Doubting the weight of the cloud in his heart, he stepped forward quickly and walked for a while, only to see the light of the fire in the cave in front of him. In front of the cave lay a dozen big gray wolves,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, one by one with their eyes scattered and tame. With a wave of his right palm, the lights in the cave went out. In the darkness, the man surnamed Li rushed to his face. With a slight flash of his heart, he kicked Li's waist acupoint. As soon as Li's body fell, his heart flashed to attack him. His right hand trembled, and his five fingers clasped his opponent's pulse. He suddenly attacked him in the dark, and he had already taken the lead. The two men's martial arts were far apart. Naturally, the opponent could not use one move, so he caught him. "What kind of person are you surnamed Qin?" He said coldly. The middle-aged man surnamed Li stared at him and immediately closed his eyes tightly. His heart stretched out a little to stagger his meridians. The man surnamed Li felt pain all over his body. No matter how hard it was to bear, beads of sweat as big as beans burst out. The heart of these hands quickly, he conveniently put the enemy aside, suddenly with the wind, the heart knew that another man in the cave attacked, he did not avoid not retreat, and the same flying foot. The middle-aged man in the cave was about thirty years old, Time Delay Tap ,Flush valve price, and his face was full of honest color. His heart and hands rose and fell, and another move forced the man into the cave. Under the struggle for human relations, there was a roar, and a group of grain stood up one after another. His eyes needed fierce light, and he made a gesture to rush to his heart. As soon as his heart moves, he hits the other side's dumb hole. When the wolves see their master fall down, they lie down one by one like prisoners waiting to be beheaded. Their hearts secretly say that they are very strange, thinking that this man's method of driving animals is really incredible. As soon as he looked back, the man surnamed Li turned purple with pain. His heart hardened and he said coldly, "If you tell all about the plot of surnamed Qin, I won't be difficult for you." The man surnamed Li could not help nodding and said, "I admit defeat." As soon as his heart went up, the man surnamed Li lost his whole body in pain and did not say a word for a long time. His heart was very impatient, but the man surnamed Li seemed to be facing a critical moment of life and death, and his whole body hair could not be his own. After a while, the man surnamed Li said, "Now the situation is settled. Hum, thanks to you, you are also a martial arts master. You are very proud now. Within a month, I'm afraid there will be no corpse left." To his surprise, he thought about it for a long time and said such cruel words. He was both angry and amused. He made a gesture to point out Li's five Yin acupoints. The man surnamed Li was also a bachelor. He shook his hand to stop his heart from moving and said, "It doesn't matter if I tell you. Do you know who the Lord of Lingyue is?"? He is. Before he had finished speaking, there was a gust of wind, and a pale red cloud filled the air. How clever his heart was! He went up against the wind and stood on a high stone. He saw a figure flash, and a thin figure went straight into the cave. His whole body felt nothing unusual, but the layer of red clouds was getting denser and denser. Although the mountain wind was strong, it could not blow away. He looked carefully and saw that the vegetation around him was gradually turning white and withered, which was very dazzling in the darkness. His heart was full of bitterness. He dared not stay any longer. He hurried down the mountain and thought to himself, "I'm afraid it's the sick aunt of the five poisons. It's a pity that as soon as Li revealed the truth, he was stopped by someone. I don't know what kind of poison the red cloud is. It's very chilling." When he returned to the village, he was not reconciled, but his own flesh and blood could not resist the poison. He remembered the scene just now. If he was slow, the consequences would be unimaginable. He also thought of this northwest land, a lot of strange things, his father did not know where he was? Can not help but miss, this night tossing and turning sleepless, the next morning early in the morning to say goodbye to the master, quietly walked to the mountains, walked for more than an hour, walked to the cave last night, only to see the underground white is full of animal bones, near the mouth of the cave down two bones, white through ash, not a trace of flesh and blood, no blood on the ground. His heart looked carefully and thought that most of the two skeletons belonged to Li and another man. Li deserved to die, but the other man ate his own acupoint and died of poisoning. He could not bear it. The bones of the beast, I think, are the remains of the wolves. There is such a poison in the world that it can melt the flesh and blood overnight. It's really shocking. Its heart does not wish to stay more, he is thinking only in the heart: "What kind of person is this station of 5 poisonous disease?"? If she carries poison to the Central Plains to hurt people, it is impossible to guard against,Flush Retrofit Kit, she killed Li mostly to silence, it seems that she and Lingyue Lord is a passer-by! He reckoned that Tiankui and the strange Wuke must have gone far away today. Thinking that if the Central Plains were ravaged by this poisonous girl, he was afraid that the beggar's swordsman would be the first to suffer. He said that he had to rush back to the Central Plains and act according to circumstances.