The King of Fighters is in the other world

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Chen Feng is not the kind of person who likes to gamble. He is stronger than the other side and has to compete

Chen Feng is not the kind of person who likes to gamble. He is stronger than the other side and has to compete with the other side to win or lose? Isn't that stupid or what? It's like a martial arts master with a dragon knife, fighting for things with a child who has no strength to tie a chicken, and betting on winning or losing according to his strength. Isn't this a joke? But if you want to say that a martial arts master with a dragon knife competes with a child with an AK47, it's understandable to bet on winning or losing according to his strength. I haven't seen the first prize yet. How can this friend answer so quickly? Spencer said with a smile, but his smile was very stiff and looked very awkward. Then Spencer took out a jade box from his bosom! Open the box and there is a round object inside, with a faint silver light. Level five bucket core? Austin exclaimed when he saw this thing! When the tent was set up, several bonfires were lit around it, and now they are still burning vigorously. Under the light of the fire, the surroundings are particularly bright, and the five-level bucket core is reflected in the light of the fire. Austin and others swallowed saliva, their eyes revealing naked greed. Level 5 Dou Core? It is the treasure of heaven and earth for the people who are under the level of Dou Shi! As long as the attributes are relative. A five-level fighting core can instantly replenish all the fighting energy consumed by a fighter. Although it can only be used once a month, it is absolutely a life-saving treasure! You know, in battle. A little difference in cultivation may lead to death. Have such a treasure. It is equivalent to doubling the cultivation of fighting spirit in the body immediately. How not to make people feel excited? "Five-level bucket core?"? Is it precious? Chen Feng doesn't know this. He muttered to himself. Spencer saw that the reaction of the crowd was exactly the same as he had expected. The corners of his mouth curved into a crescent moon. "If you win.". Not only are we out of the valley. And I'll give you this core. What do you think? Have you changed your mind? Austin saw Chen Feng bow his head and think. "What if we lose?" He said. "Lost?" Spencer still had a smile on his face. But the tone was indescribably cold: "This friend with a shovel on his back can be dealt with by his brothers!"! Everyone else just needs to get out of the valley. I won't kill you! Chen Feng raised his head and his eyes burst out: "You want to kill me!" Spencer sneered, "Oh,stainless steel squatting pan, my friend is joking. You hurt my brother. If I don't get justice for him, how can I convince the public?" Chen Feng also does not say much: "Good!"! Accept Through these conversations, Chen Feng knows that the other side is a very particular about strength. If he doesn't use his strength to surpass Chen Feng this time, he is afraid that he will not have a position in this group of people later. The reason why he proposed gambling is that he wants to show his own strength to his men and make them more convinced! And this guy has absolute confidence in himself! I don't seem to worry about losing at all! Hey, Chen Feng sighed in his heart, it seems that this guy is going to suffer the consequences! As soon as Spencer clapped his hands,Time Delay Faucet, the pterosaur under him let out a low roar, and there were several sharp cries in the air at the same time, followed by a dozen pterosaurs circling down in the sky. In the valley, the terrain is flat and the area is vast. Twenty huge pterosaurs crouched in place without showing any crowding. The rest of the dragon knights jumped off the dragon's back and walked to Spencer's side. At this time, the madman was also supported by his companions. Just now, Chen Feng's punch directly broke seven of his ribs. Now he doesn't even have the strength to speak, let alone stand! Spencer's pterodactyl was also put aside by him, then came forward and said: "The method of gambling is very simple, we first arrange a person to fight each other, after the defeat of the next, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, take turns to fight until one side concedes defeat!" Chen Feng understands the meaning of the other side, this is to want to use fair and aboveboard excuse to kill oneself this group of people! Defeat? It's a joke. Defeat is bound to be killed. This is an obvious problem. It seems that this group of people are still very particular about face, knowing that as long as an order to their own group of people will be killed, but also for the sake of face to hold a gambling fight! This is ridiculous! Chen Feng shook his head, just planned to let the tiger with the wolves directly into the valley to destroy this group of landing pterosaurs, thought, their own strength in the end how there is no clear positioning, it is better to practice with this person! But still to the tiger ordered: "The wolves together, guard outside the valley, I gave the order to rush in directly!" " Xiaohu answered. Then Spencer asked, "Who will come up first on your side?" Just now the madman asked who was the head of the group, although Austin answered, but in Spencer's eyes, the young man with a shovel on his back spoke the most, so when he said this, he looked straight at Chen Feng, hoping that he could give a clear answer! Undaunted, Chen Feng suddenly stretched out his right hand, raised an index finger and waved it contemptuously. His arrogant voice rang out: "You don't have to bother like this!"! To deal with you people, I am enough, you go up one by one! What did you say? You don't know the depth of heaven and earth! "*** you, if you have the guts to say it again, I'll just split you." "This boy is not a fool." The pterodactyl knights behind Spencer heard the words like a frying pan, and all the voices of abuse, ridicule and sympathy were in a mess. Spencer is also angry. Where does the Order of the Pterodactyl walk without majesty? Have you ever been so despised! Holding back his anger, Spencer followed Chen Feng's words: "Good!"! I'm on our side, and no pterodactyl! No pterodactyl? Pterosaur knights are in an uproar, pterosaur knights do not need pterosaurs, that strength should be reduced by at least half! Is the deputy head of the regiment crazy? How can you give up the strong and chase the weak? "Deputy Colonel." Several dragon knights couldn't help shouting out! As soon as Spencer waved his hand, everyone knew that he had made up his mind and forced himself to refrain from speaking. Everyone thought that Spencer was either crazy or confused by Chen Feng's arrogant tone, but Chen Feng's view was just the opposite. This guy is not simple, he just used Longwei to restrain the pterosaur, this guy may see something,Manual Flush Valve, he does not need the pterosaur to say good, in fact, can play their own strength!.