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At the end of her speech, she tiptoed a little and jumped into Merlin. Writing said, also too late

At the end of her speech, she tiptoed a little and jumped into Merlin. Writing said, also too late to think, immediately step up to catch up. Merlin is like a maze, turning left and right, but doing everything. If you are just careless and make a mistake, you will be trapped here at most and starve for three or five or seven days. But if you are here to break in, then any small plum blossom branch can be a weapon for you to kill. Pei Xiaolei ran very fast and hurriedly, as if she had completely forgotten that she was followed by a younger martial brother, a little, a jump, like a graceful fairy flying in the flowers. But followed closely behind her, did not have such good luck, a dodge, a flash, very embarrassed. As long as he slightly pulled down the distance from Pei Xiaolei, he would be immediately plotted by the branches flying from nowhere. Soon, they came to the center of the formation-a hut with a yard. As soon as Pei Xiaolei's feet fell to the ground, suddenly a sharp sword came straight to her face. On one side of her body, she almost avoided it. Then, with a clang, the weapon fell to the ground. Miss? Fourth young master? The woman, who had been disarmed by one move, looked at the man in disbelief and exclaimed. Ruomei? Pei Xiaolei was also surprised to see her personal servant girl here. Bang.. There was a loud noise, and then a voice with a clear cry came from behind Ruomei, "Miss.." "Lind." Pei Xiaolei crossed Ruomei to the good doctor's attendant,empty lotion tubes, only to move half a step, the line of sight from his face fell to the ground, the plate of blood overturned, shocking. Her excited mood suddenly sank, and half of the mountain rose into the air, pressing heavily on her heart. Where is the Second Elder Martial Brother? She asked cautiously, staring at Lind. Lind sniffed and turned to look at the hut behind him. Before he could speak, he felt a flash in front of him, and his young lady ran into the house like an arrow. Goodbye “…… Second Elder Martial Brother.. She stood in front of the bed, her voice soft,metal cosmetic tubes, and she couldn't believe her eyes. Hot tears, in the eyes kept rolling, the last drop, two drops, three drops. Overflowing, all the drops fell on the red sheets in front of them, scarlet blood, old and new, dotted with the red sheets. He lay there, withered, with new bandages round and round, his eyes closed tightly, his eyebrows wrinkled, as if he had fallen into some terrible dream, and his lips were pale, almost gray. Second Elder Martial Brother! She leaned close and called softly, holding his wrinkled cold palms with trembling hands, putting them on her chest, cosmetic tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, and sobbing, "It's me, I'm Xiaolei!"! Wake up! Without any response, he still lay lifeless on the bed, just pale lips, slowly overflowing a bloodshot, more and more, and finally merged into a stream, along the cheeks fell on the sheets. Pei Xiaolei reached out to wipe, but more and more, all of a sudden, her palms, sleeves are covered with scarlet blood. What are you doing here on your knees? Where's the medicine? She turned and looked at Lind, who was kneeling in front of her, and asked angrily. There is no medicine! Lind fell on the ground and cried, "Since the poisoning, the second young master has tried all the antidotes that can be eaten or not, but all of them are useless!"! These months, has been vomiting blood, at the beginning of the second young master barely hold, consciousness is still sober, but since last month, has never woken up! The symptoms of hematemesis are also more serious. Pei Xiaolei's hand trembled slightly, almost even the good doctor's hand was unstable, Ruomei hurriedly came over, holding a clean hot towel to gently wipe the blood on the good doctor's face. She came over to support her, only to find that her whole body was trembling. His outstretched hand was avoided by her. She stood up slowly, her voice was low and hoarse, but she looked at Lind kneeling on the ground calmly and said, "You come out with me!" At the end of the speech, he glanced at the good doctor on the bed and turned to go out. Half an hour later, Linde came back with red eyes and tears on his face. He took the towel from Ruomei's hand and asked her to go to the next room with him, saying that the young lady had something to tell them. When the two of them entered, they found Pei Xiaolei standing at the table with a brush drawing a map. The tears on her face were dry, and there was no sign of sadness or joy. "Miss Xiaolei," they said in chorus. Come here! She did not look up and continued to sketch. The two men immediately stepped forward and stood beside her, one left and one right. Moments later, a simple but detailed map appeared in front of them, and from memory, she made a precise copy of the map she had seen in Luoxiang, together with its logo. We are here now! Pei Xiaolei clicked the map, then pointed to the other points and said, "Here, here, and here, these contact points have been evacuated, and we are now trapped in the leap country." "Ruomei, when did you come to Runguo?" "Last month I strayed in here with the other men who were looking for the young lady, and I did not expect to meet Lind and the badly wounded second young master in this small country." "When you came in, did you see the Qin army guarding the border?" "No, I didn't know until I came in. All our contact points here have disappeared, not only ours, but also the spies of the State of Chu who put them here.". After more than a month of exploration, the leap country now seems to be a plaything controlled by the state of Qin. The terrible thing is that it seems that the people of the leap country have not found it yet, and people from other countries do not seem to know it. There are still a steady stream of business groups entering the leap country with a large amount of property. Ruomei told her carefully about the information she had collected these days. Pei Xiaolei lowered her eyes for a long time. Then she pointed to the border of the State of Chu. She looked up and asked, "It takes about half a month to go back and forth to the State of Chu here. It's much faster than we make a detour to Yitiancheng for help.". Ten days, can you bring the army of King Anle here? "Yes!" Looking back at her firmly,cosmetic tube packaging, with his own martial arts, it is not difficult to avoid the eyes and ears of the Qin army and leave the leap country safely. And the king of happiness is not difficult to deal with, ten days for him is more than outstanding.