Imagine the eternal night

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Pursuit was now slightly uneasy, because they had just returned to the Golden Rose Hotel, and before they could

Pursuit was now slightly uneasy, because they had just returned to the Golden Rose Hotel, and before they could say anything, Faith, with a gentle smile on his face, came over and whispered something directly in his ear. He saw the slaughter's face turn slightly ugly, and then went straight to a room with faith to "talk privately". Pursuit now is not worried about what faith does to the slaughter, he just wonders what faith just said in the ear of the slaughter, which makes the slaughter look so ugly, which makes Pursuit puzzled. Just as Pursuit was muttering here, Faith came out of the room, not followed by anyone. Pursuit stood up and asked doubtfully, "Faith, where is the massacre?" Faith smiled and sat directly in the empty seat beside Qingxue. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "He still has something to think about. I guess he has to wait!" Suddenly, he looked at the smiling faith with a little surprise and asked, "How do you know the massacre has something on your mind?" The curiosity of pursuit only gets a smile from faith, which makes the pursuit shrug its shoulders and expect faith to make the pursuit think clearly! The curiosity of the pursuit is gone, but the curiosity of Qingxue is hooked up by the pursuit,lutein eye complex, and begins to wonder what happened to the massacre? He reached out and patted Faith's strong arm. Curiously, he tilted his head slightly and asked, "What happened to the massacre?"? He has something on his mind? "Oh, nothing, just a man's private topic!" Faith said lightly, directly settled a curious female mage, glanced at the same curiosity very strong companions,pumpkin seed extract, not surprised to see the pursuit also showed a pair of original expression, the radian of the corners of the mouth gently pulled open, long eyelashes pressed down to hide the look that would be revealed in the eyes, gently smiled in the bottom of my heart. During the time when everyone was sitting in the living room talking casually and waiting for the return of their companions who had not yet come back. Slaughter also stayed in that room all the time and did not come out. He went in again halfway. This time it was very short. He only stayed for two or three minutes and then came out again. Then he said that Slaughter still did not make up his mind and said nothing more. Time passed slowly, the companions who had been scattered out to relax returned one after another, and the quiet living room became noisy again. Polav and seductive also came back from Ashenvale. Their goal of going to Ashenvale this time was not only to relax, but also to help Qingxue confirm something. After giving the information to Qingxue, Polav suddenly noticed something. He looked around the room and asked doubtfully, "Where is the slaughter?"? Why haven't you seen it for a long time? Everyone in the room had basically come back, except for the shadow thorn and the Lily of the valley, and it seemed that there was always one less person, the night elf hunter who always liked to walk around with his pet. Faith smiled and was about to say something when the door, which had been closed, tannic acid astringent ,ghana seed extract, opened with a squeak, and the night elf hunter, who had been stuffy in the room for almost the whole afternoon, slowly came out in the eyes of everyone, either happy or surprised. Slaughter! When he saw the slaughter slowly coming out of the room, he stood up happily and shouted with a smile. He could clearly feel that the feeling of slaughter had changed, and it was no longer the strange feeling of being in the Thousand Needles Stone Forest, but the original feeling of him again. Slaughter smiled, the corners of the mouth raised a beautiful arc, like obsidian shining eyes, after seeing the joy that can not be mistaken in the bright eyes of the pursuit, nodded slightly to the pursuit, saying that he really had no problem, and greeted everyone with a smile: "Oh, everyone is back!"! I really miss you all! Faith tilted his head slightly and said with a meaningful smile, "Slaughter, you really seem to be all right!" Slaughter reached out and patted Faith on the shoulder. The same meaningful smile said: "That is natural ah, under your guidance, how can I have a problem ah!" " Faith ignored the words of the massacre as if there was no emphasis on the word "teaching" in the tone, very calm smile, faintly with a trace of cunning. What's the matter? Is there something wrong? Asked Pollaf, doubtfully, several unwitting fellows. There is nothing! Faith and slaughter in unison so that everyone can not help but roll their eyes, in the bottom of their hearts there must be something happened, but things seem to be related to the slaughter, and the mouth of faith is very strict, it is estimated that it is unlikely to know what happened in the end, right? Pursuit is very excited to sit beside the slaughter, eyes in the dead staring at the expression of the slaughter for a long time, finally confirmed that the slaughter seems to be really no problem, before completely relieved. Since the massacre came out of the room, his face had been wearing a slightly evil smile as usual, laughing with great interest with everyone, including the pursuit, as if the previous few days had been like a dream. Faith leaned back gently on the seat, with a slightly strange smile at the corners of his mouth, tapping his fingers on the long table from time to time, looking at the slaughter as if nothing had happened, but the smile in his heart was getting stronger and stronger. He was now sure that the slaughter had come to his senses under his coercive pressure, and that he had decided what to do in the future. Isn't it nice? A super belly black man secretly murmured in the bottom of his heart, firmly refusing to admit that it was because he wanted to watch the play to punish someone that he deliberately went up to exert pressure. Yes, absolutely not! While everyone was laughing, a couple who had gone somewhere to see the scenery for the first time finally came back and brought a "great" gift! "Yo ho!"! We're back! The door of the room was pushed open,turmeric extract powder, the clear voice of the girl and the clear voice of the man sounded, and everyone's happy eyes were aphasic when they saw the "wall" behind a couple. Um. Sister Lan, is that in the back? Qingxue was really dumbfounded this time. It's super beef! Do you bring gifts for everyone? A dwarf thief who has always been extremely unreliable in his mouth has rarely said what everyone wants to say! Chapter 17 is the head of a cow a shaman?.