If he takes pity on [wear quickly] (1)

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"yuan Lie likes Princess Le Yao, the royal princess. Rong Yan, a silly fox, doesn't want to get yuan Lie's heart.

"yuan Lie likes Princess Le Yao, the royal princess. Rong Yan, a silly fox, doesn't want to get yuan Lie's heart. She only hopes that yuan Lie can live and spend her life with her beloved woman." Li Sheng paused for a moment and said, "She also hopes to let yuan Lie know that she has no other purpose to approach him, but just wants him to be happy." What a silly fox. After yuan Lie died, she struggled to save his life, and eventually sank into the ice lake with his body in her arms, accompanying him to the bottom of the lake. Ye Xi:.. It's really thrown into the face of our fox clan. "Each fox has his own ambition." Li Sheng said, "This task is really easy for you. It's too simple. You just need to save yuan Lie's life when he goes to the battlefield. It's also a return of his kindness to Rong Yan. And there's still some time before the war starts. You can do what you want to do." Li Sheng suddenly remembered something and said, "By the way, the royal families of this Dynasty all seem to look good. Why don't you just seduce an emperor or a prince for fun?" Ye Xi: ".." Although she is a fox spirit, yes, but also a principled fox spirit, not casually what people will go to provoke. I'm just kidding, my Lord. "Why don't you go to the General's Office and see yuan Lie first?" Li Sheng asked weakly. At this time, it was the time when Rong Yan was saved by yuan Lie and tried to get close to him to repay his kindness. Where is he now? "In the palace, the emperor will hold a banquet today. Princess Leyao will dance at the banquet to add to the fun. I guess he's going to see his sweetheart." "Go and have a look." It's boring anyway. Ye Xi just walked a few steps,Automatic nail machine, suddenly remembered one thing, "I can transform now?" "Of course, although Rong Yan's cultivation is general, it's no problem to hide her evil spirit. Besides, your own cultivation has recovered a lot. It must be much more powerful than the silly fox." Ye Xi then turned into a figure. Just as he was about to move, he heard Li Sheng exclaim: "My Lord!" . "What?" Look at the way you look! Isn't that what you look like? Ye Xi frowned and went to the lake to shine on the lake. Sure enough, it was almost exactly the same as herself. Although Rong Yan is beautiful,Nail machine supplier, she can't compare with you. Li Sheng said: "This should also be related to your own degree of recovery." Ye Xi touched his face. The young woman in the lake, dressed in a red dress with spiritual power, has a graceful posture, white skin, red lips and black hair like a waterfall. The first beauty of the fox clan is not her self-proclaimed, in fact, she has always regarded herself as a wild fox, and does not care as much about her appearance as other demon clans, because of this, her wanton publicity and unparalleled beauty will stand out in the fox clan. Ye Xi's beauty lies not only in her appearance, but also in the enchanting in her bones. Just a look can take a man's soul away. This is something that the demons who are used to charm can't compare with in any case. You are indeed the most beautiful, Lord Ye Xi. Li Sheng's crazy way. Just listening to his tone, I could imagine that he was already holding his chin with a face of obsession at this time. Ye Xi raised her lips and said, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, "You've seen me for so many years, but you still think I'm beautiful?" "Even if you look at ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years, you are the most beautiful in my heart!" Ye Xi chuckled, "even if we can really live that long, you don't know which fox spirit has taken you away." "How?"! My Li Sheng's loyalty to your excellency can be learned from heaven and earth. My excellency, Li Sheng swore to you. Have you forgotten? "What's more," said Li Sheng, "which fox spirit can compare with you?" Ye Xi listened to his garrulous words and rushed to the palace. The dinner has already started. Most royal families like luxury, and the royal family of this Dynasty is not surprised that this dinner is extremely luxurious. The emperor and the empress sat on a high place, with dancing dancers in the center below. Ye Xi hid her figure and stood on a high place. Looking up, she saw a full moon hanging in the night sky, surrounded by countless stars. She closed her eyes and felt the moonlight shining on her body, and unconsciously the fox's tail appeared behind her back. Sure enough, the aura here is abundant. "Do you want to practice again, my Lord?" "Not in a hurry." Ye Xi lowered his head and looked at the banquet. This distance, for other people is not clear about the face of people, but Ye Xi can see clearly. She saw yuan Lie at a glance. This man's presence is too strong. That body of killing breath, far away she can feel, this person must have killed countless people, is a real living Yama. If she guessed correctly, he sat in the second place under the emperor, that is to say, his position was second only to Wang Ye in the court, and that Wang Ye was just an idle royal family with no real power. Below one, above ten thousand. But his image is really. "At this time yuan Lie had just returned from southern Xinjiang, and he should have come to the palace without even tidying up his appearance." No wonder he has a beard and a slovenly appearance. However, yuan Lie's momentum is obviously extraordinary, other ministers are either sitting upright, even whispering or drinking and eating meat is also very concerned about the image, and he sat there, a black robe, a loose black hair, holding a pot of wine in his hand, looking up and pouring into his mouth, as if nothing was in the eye, unrestrained and unscrupulous. Li Sheng said: "In Rong Yan's memory, he should be very handsome." Ye Xi narrowed his eyes and looked at him. He had a lot of whiskers on his face, but he could still see the outline of his face as hard as a knife and an axe, and his eyes as deep as a hawk, seemingly careless, were actually as sharp as a knife. He really should be a very handsome man. And it looks like a man who is not easy to win. No wonder Rong Yan in his house for so long,Nail machine supplier, even his bedside did not touch, but also want to be able to help him and Princess Le Yao. In Rong Yan's memory, almost the whole government and the public knew that General yuan Lie loved Princess Le Yao. 3shardware.com