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As a magic weapon, the two wind snakes naturally do not have their own wisdom, they can only fight according

As a magic weapon, the two wind snakes naturally do not have their own wisdom, they can only fight according to the instinct of life. But nine beauty is not the same, they are Lingbao, all have their own independent wisdom, but also know how to cooperate, plus the five elements of the soul sword and other treasures, naturally if better than the wind snake. The four Buddhist nuns, who were extremely restrained from the spirit of the wind snake, were the first to make contributions. Their Buddhist golden light finally swept the wind snake, which flashed quickly. The spirit of the wind snake was melted on the spot by the golden light, and the wind snake kept rolling in the air in pain. Then four Buddhist treasures, such as the sarira, the medicine tripod, the wooden fish and the diamond pestle, were given to it again. I just beat it half and half. And the other side of the five Jian Xiu also unwilling to be outdone, after this period of observation, they finally grasped the general law of the movement of the wind snake, and then with the five elements of soul sword cloth into a cage, waiting for it to come to the door. He gave it a hard blow, leaving five wounds as long as ten feet on its body. The pain made the wind snake run around in the air for a long time before it healed the wound with magic power. Seeing this, Song Zhong couldn't help laughing and said, "Old Wind Devil, it seems that your men are as unreliable as you!"! If that's the case, I'll have to walk! Said, Song Zhong really put on a look to go. Anyway, he could not do anything to a monk yuan Ying, so he did not want to get rid of the old wind demon now and avenge his parents. He just wanted to get out of here and come back in the future. However, when the old wind demon heard this, he suddenly showed a ferocious look on his face. He roared, "Fatty, unless I die, otherwise.". You're not leaving! "Old Wind Devil!" But Song Zhong said unhurriedly, "You're at your wits' end now. What qualifications do you have to stop me?" "Hum, how can you, a young boy, understand the old man's means?" "Now that you know so many secrets," said the old wind demon ferociously, "you have to leave them to me no matter what. Even if you pay a little price, I will not hesitate!" Say that finish, the wind old demon both hands to the two wind snakes in the distance a move, and then burst out to shout: "lead the demon into the body!" With the sound of the old wind demon, the two wind snakes in the distance, like taking stimulants, roared together, and then rushed to the old wind demon at lightning speed, directly into his body. With the penetration of the two wind snakes, the body of the old wind demon began to swell, and his face showed a look of great pain. However, the spiritual pressure emanating from his body is extremely soaring, but in a twinkling of an eye, it has increased several times, it can directly use the spiritual pressure to shock Song Zhong! Verse 245 in a mess. Less than 245 sections in a mess Song Zhong saw this situation for the first time. He was so frightened that his little face was so white that all the nine women returned to him of their own accord. He couldn't help shouting, Cold Drawn Tubes ,impact beam tubes, "Who can tell me how to get back to Wei in this county?" One of the Heavenly Desire Witches immediately replied, "I am looking for someone. On top of him, there is a magic art called leading demons into the body. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is to put the essence of his Dharma Empty Armor into the body and then burn it, thus releasing a terrible aura, which temporarily increases his magic power several times!"! Because his two wind snakes are six-level monsters, if they burn with all their strength, they will release the spirit and extreme poison. At this time of the wind old demon, the strength is estimated to have reached the situation of yuan Bei Dzogchen, this level of monks, our sisters are now unable to caress, Xin Ren bad set fast this! As soon as Song Zhong heard that the old wind demon had arrived at the place of yuan Ying's Dzogchen, he didn't even want to shout directly, "OK, run!" Say that finish, he directly grabbed a fine stubborn sword, followed by the strength of the imperial sword to escape again. However, can Feng Laocheng make him run away? It not only consumes two precious six-level wind snake spirits, but also damages its own cloud and meridians. After all, the sudden surge of Reiki is not something that his body can live with now! Once used, he himself will hurt the cloud after the event, and will have to be raised for at least ten years. And the eight-grade magic weapon just refined. Also because of the disappearance of the essence of roses and Xuancheng waste! Pay such a big price, how can the wind old devil let Song Zhong escape old ah. After a little adaptation to the soaring aura in his body, Feng Laozuo roared at the top of his head, "Fei Pangwu, where to escape!" As he spoke, his body soared, and the old man, who was covered with green gas, burst out like a promise of lightning. In the blink of an eye, he caught up with the real bell behind the admonition quickly, so that Song Zhong can not help but give birth to a desperate color, you know, Song Zhong is now a monk who builds the foundation of Dzogchen, and the power of the Five Elements Exquisite Sword can almost be brought into play! So the remonstrance of the imperial sword, will Yi San Jia said, a quarter of an hour can fly out three thousand miles! This speed. It is definitely not a golden elixir monk who has slowed down a general terracotta warrior, so it is. But the wind old demon is good, does not need the imperial sword completely, only depends on that body heavy outstanding magic power support, displays the wind system to escape the skill, may in such a short time on him. Counting up, there are at least eight ways to escape from the old wind demon! It is much faster than the ordinary yuan Ying Friar's Royal Sword. "This is too horrible!"! But in fact, the wind old demon is not only escapes the foam terror, that body overbearing magic power brings the attack force, also abnormal to the acme. He came to behind Song Zhong, and without saying a word, he saw a blue light of hundreds of feet immediately after he lifted the county. Like Xiulong out to sea, Yan mercilessly split the back of the dust bell! This blue light is full of power, just appeared, triggered a province of thunderous roar, strange, the sound can shock people to death! In the face of such a horrible slap. Even if Song Zhong Jia has confidence in his own body, he doesn't dare to take it by force? So he hurriedly took the big bronze bell out, and put it behind him. As soon as the net of the big bronze bell appeared,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, the blue light reached 0. With a loud bang, the shell of the big copper bell cracked and broke a layer three or five feet deep. With another palm, it penetrated itself!.