Legends under the dust

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So hot or cool season then to the dry season will not directly heat me to death Feng Ningning added different

So hot or cool season then to the dry season will not directly heat me to death Feng Ningning added different herbs one by one burning bubbling copper tripod edge shuttle observing the situation of drug processing to record make a face of sweat But look at the men in charge of the fire Their clothes are all wet There's really nothing to complain about To ask an expert specializing in cardiovascular surgery to study the use of herbal medicine is to drive a duck to the shelf but Feng Ningning did not complain at all She and Chen Xi are facing the biggest crisis since they arrived in the world The enemies they face may be much stronger than themselves But at this time Feng Ningning knows that since Water Treatment Chemicals Chen Xi really put herself in the position of God she will not abandon Ning Nuo and choose to run away Chen Xi this person in addition to a rough look has an excellent appearance is really a smelly disease especially her temper character rude stubborn overbearing has always been the aunt has the final say who others love But this man has one of the rarest qualities in modern society This man is very loyal and keeps his promise Therefore Feng Ningning is sorry to realize that she has no choice at this time whether to die or live depends on Chen Xi An hour later when the soup was ready she fished out the herbs and cooled them Feng Ningning went to her laboratory to fill and apply the medicine to a bunch of grass rats who had been sick for a long time and had inflamed wounds She left a few assistants to observe the effect She took off her gown changed her shoes and came out As soon as she saw the figure under the oil tree in the yard she quickly rushed over and opened her arms "Ning Xiao let me smell it quickly I'm going to faint" The smell of those herbs is too strong! Before he had finished speaking he hung on Ning Xiao's arm stuck his head in his chest shook it from side to side inhaled deeply and chattered endlessly "Well well Ning Xiao thanks to you otherwise I would have been dizzy for several days" After a few months Ning Xiao still couldn't get used to Feng Ningning's behavior He looked at several bodyguards around him with shame and helplessness Not far away Lord Chen Xi came over with a strange smile on his face He does not understand usually people say that Luna is a thousand people can not tell who is who they have followed Chen Xi adults for so long adults have to rely on the words on their clothes to distinguish names how can Feng Ningning adults always accurately find him On the other hand apart from him Lord Feng Ningning could not distinguish anyone else It's really strange It's not that Ning Xiao doesn't want Lord Feng Ningning to like him To be honest Lord Feng Ningning is noble and respected Lu Na people respect adults as much as Ning Nuo people It's just a tradition for many years Men and women are different It's not good for husband and wife to cuddle like this in public But this Feng Ningning adult which day does not rub a few times with him he is the future Luna patriarch so these Luna people around him are also embarrassed with him Chen Xi gave the transport team to Mitya and told her that all the captives including the Landi brothers must be blindfolded before they arrived at Ningnuo and that he had brought two thousand fast horses back She was in a hurry to discuss with Feng Ningning about making the virus She didn't even go home so she came here As soon as she entered the yard she saw the little shameless man hanging on her body No need to ask it must be Ning Xiao Looking at Ning Xiao's embarrassment of wanting to hide but not daring to hide not hiding but really awkward Chemicals Suppliers several Lu people around wanted to see embarrassed not looking but curious expressions could not help but be happy and made a joke casually "Feng Ningning you like Ning Xiao so much that you propose to marry her back Let Ning Xiao give birth to a little Feng Ningning for you tomorrow ha ha" Scaly reptilian she added to herself Feng Ningning is also happy "Cheng that is people look down on me" Then she winked at Ning Xiao Is this a proposal The Lord wants to marry him Ning Xiao opened his eyes wide and his face was burning His heart was full of joy and uneasiness He looked forward to it and was a little at a loss He was silly and did not know what to say or what to express The Luna people here all knew the prophecy from the fog but Chen Xi never asked the fog to sleep and they were in a hurry and had no way Now this isn't it Ning Xiao was still in a daze Lu Na's bodyguard named Nianyu had already bowed to him and said "Congratulations young master Congratulations young master" Several other guards also saluted and congratulated him Nianyu dared to look at Chen Xi again and said "The Luna people are all grateful to the Lord God for his marriage Please ask the Lord God to worship the Luna people" As he spoke he knelt down and solemnly bowed down and the other bodyguards together with Ning Xiao who had just come to his senses all bowed down as usual This Feng Ningning is not happy Chen Xi is not happy This is really a big deal So you're getting married It's just a joke okay She hangs on Water Treatment Chemicals you all day and you don't say anything It's normal for me to make a joke isn't it Are they anxious to marry Ning Xiao to Feng Ningning Just because Feng Ningning hangs on him all day Or is it something else Is that what you said without a joke But I'm not Jun yet damn it Will such a joke hurt Feng Ningning for a lifetime Chen Xi and Feng Ningning looked at each other and looked at the kneeling ones dumbfounded Why don't you kill all these people right now With her ability it won't take a few minutes But if she does such a cruel thing is she still human Shit throw caution to the wind why don't I marry you Just don't mind I can be your mother Chapter 43 As soon as Feng Ningning looked at Chen Xi's eyes he looked at the sky and looked at himself Finally he breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Ning Xiao He had a solemn and stirring expression of who would go to hell if I didn't go to hell I don't know how but he suddenly understood what Chen Xi was thinking about He knelt down beside Ning Xiao with a splash of joy and held his hand in one hand "Thank you for your marriage" And ask an adult to marry us Chen Xi was stunned for a moment and looked at Feng Ningning steadily "Don't take it seriously!"! Aunt tries to settle this matter and you don't have to be embarrassed Feng Ningning also looked at Chen Xi with a smile on his face "Don't worry about this I want to marry him" Chen Xi looked at Feng Ningning again and Feng Ningning looked back without any sign of weakness "I am willing but you don't care!" globalchemmall.com