What is Timing Impact in NBA 2K23?

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Timing Impact represents how much your shot’s precision will be increased after a perfect or good release.

NBA 2K23 is a very realistic basketball game, in which many operations are very similar to the real thing. For example, in this game, we can customize the same jump shot as some star players.

When you customize your jump shot you need to pay attention to Release Height, Release Speed, Defensive Immunity, and Timing Impact. Timing is one of the most critical factors.

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NBA 2K23 Timing Impact Explained

Creating an effective custom jump shot in 2K is primarily related to base animation, as this has the greatest impact on the green window of your jump shot. However, this year, upper offsets do matter a bit more, as they can make or break your jump shot's off-high, off-speed, defensive ability, and timing impact attributes.

Does timing impact matter?

If you have not yet mastered Timing Impact, it is ideal to have at least a C- or B on your jump shot. If you have already mastered the craft and are highly confident in your ability to perform on the greens, then having the setting on A/A+ will improve your performance.

Four shooting stats in NBA 2K23:

  • Shot Speed: How quickly the shot gets to its ideal release point
  • Release Height: How high the shot is released
  • Defensive Immunity: How effective the shot is in defensive contests
  • Timing Impact: Adjusts shot windows to reward accurate timing at the cost of an increased penalty for incorrect timing

How to Perform Accurate Shots on NBA 2K23

You can perform flawless shots in NBA 2K23 by releasing the shot button at the exact moment your player is ready to shoot the ball. When using the Shooting Meter, the correct release spot will be identified in green. Shots can also be made as the meter is close to the optimal point. However, releasing the button while the meter is still in the white area will heavily penalize your shot, no matter your Timing Impact stat.

To do the various moves accurately in NBA 2K23, we need to build a strong player, which may require a lot of 2K23 MT. We can get a significant advantage when we can do the various skills accurately in the game.