Effective betting strategies of NCAA basketball tournament

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NCAA basketball tournament is always interesting. Most bettors know that betting on the NCAA is not an easy thing. It would help if you had strategies, or else you will lose a lot of money.

Sixty-three matches in March will be available in the tournament. You will have single-match betting at every big sportsbook or site. The NCAA basketball is one of the most wagered-on occasions on the calendar. Here are some of the NCAA betting strategies that you need to know.

March Madness Champions are Balanced Team

This tip is one of the simplest ways to bet on an NCAA basketball tournament. Whether you are betting on the match or filling out a bracket, there is small value in picking a one-dimensional team. To win this bet, a team should have an elite offense and stifling defense. That is what history says. In the last 18 tournaments, one champion is the only one that has been ranked outside to the top 20 in offensive efficiency at KenPom, and no team was ranked outside of the top 20 in defensive efficiency. Each year, you will find a high seed lacking at one end of the court. These teams are not the best bets to win the tournament.

Do Not Pay Attention to Expert Brackets

The experts from every site will post their March Madness picks and predictions. You will probably get tempted to pick the team that the majority are going for if it is a toss-up match with the narrow point spreads.

Always be careful. Most of these people are experienced, and they have gotten their experience through years of studying. Others got their experience through doling out different hot-takes that the garners touch. Please do not fall for these because it does not mean they know the perfect Match Madness betting tips.

The thing is, you can be sure that oddsmakers at the best college basketball betting sites are in the first category. These oddsmakers know much more about handicapping than anyone that you will see on TV. But there are important betting strategies out there that you have to know and could help you win your bracket pool. It is somehow difficult to know a real expert, especially when you are only looking at a bracket. Before you trust any expert, make sure to do more research on the pundit. Also, make sure you know their history. This will help you bet right.

Do Not Pay Attention to Advanced Metrics

The best data is the best betting strategy. So, make sure to track the accuracy of KenPom and Sagarin in the last two years. The predictions for these teams differ on the point spread. This means that the KenPom forecast will cover.


NCAA basketball tournament has 18 to 21 years old players, and so they have a little match and life experience. When betting, always pay attention to matches in Salt Lake City. Teams that play at a certain altitude always have chances to win at home. Their bodies are used to less oxygen. Most bettors fail to see this strategy.

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