Beautiful shoes

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Beautiful shoes - Beautiful shoes - Beautiful shoes

Today is a cloudless sunny day, you guess, what am I going to do? Haha, of course I went to buy nike air max 97 silver bullet.

I fancy a beautiful pair of shoes in a shopping mall. It is a pair of black leather shoes with an oval shape, which looks very slim. Look! There is a particularly delicate pink bow, which is not attached to the side of the off white jordan 1 blue, adding some lovely factors to it. The neighbor of the bow is a black and long zipper. When it is pulled, it will make a pleasant sound. The shoes were full of white and soft fluff, and it felt very silky to the touch. I thought to myself: this way, I will never have to worry about my little feet being cold!

Haha, after listening to my introduction, friends, do you like my shoes? If you like, why not buy yourself a pair?