5 handy software to create a logo

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To use a graphic designer for the creation of a logo is certainly a qualitative action, but expensive. Although the use of a professional is strongly recommended, certain situations such as the creation of a business or the test launch of a product do not allow this investment.

To use a graphic designer for the creation of a logo is certainly a qualitative action, but expensive. Although the use of a professional is strongly recommended, certain situations such as the creation of a business or the test launch of a product do not allow this investment.


For this, this article offers fallback solutions that allow you to create a professional logo at a lower cost. Here is the presentation of 5 simple and effective online software.

1 - Canva

Canva is useful online graphic design software for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and bloggers. The tool is entirely available in French and can be used free of charge.  

In addition to being able to create a logo online, the tool also allows the design of many communication media such as business cards, visuals for social networks, or posters.



Benefits of Canva

The main advantage of Canva is that the tool is intuitive: no graphic design skills are required to achieve a professional rendering.

For the design of visuals, Canva provides access to a bank of royalty-free graphic elements (photos, images, icons, and fonts). It allows you to create a free logo without difficulty.

Many models are available via the "drag and drop" editor. It is also possible to work in a team on the same design.

Another advantage of Canva: the help support is also in French.



Disadvantages of Canva

Canva still has some drawbacks such as not being able to sort models by industry.

In addition, the choice of royalty-free models and graphic elements may be restricted in the free version.

Canva offers and prices

Canva is a tool that can be used in Freemium version.

To be able to benefit from all the features, you will need to subscribe to the Canva Pro plan at € 11.99 for monthly pricing and € 8.99 / month for annual pricing. 

2 - Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator is an online software to create an online logo in just a few clicks. The logos created with this tool are totally in line with the current “Hipster” trend.

Benefits of Hipster Logo Generator

The main advantage of this tool is that it is very intuitive and easy to use. No design skills are needed to create a logo online.

In addition, the creation steps are guided: the tool offers to choose each element that makes up the logo as you go.


Disadvantages of Hipster Logo Generator

The main disadvantage of Hipster Logo Generator is that the tool is only available in English. However, the simplicity of its interface allows it to be manipulated without mastering English.

It should also be noted that the tool may not be suitable if the rendering requirements are not limited to the "hipster" style.

Hipster Logo Generator Offers and Pricing

Hipster Logo Generator allows you to create a free logo. It is therefore possible to create and download the visual in PNG format without financial compensation. On the other hand, HD files are not free.

3 - Logaster

Logaster is online software that allows you to generate a professional logo and use it to create other communication media.

Benefits of Logaster

Logaster is a very complete tool for building a brand identity.

In addition to the creation of the logo online, it gives the possibility of declining it in order to create a graphic charter, business cards, letterhead, an e-mail signature, envelopes, and many other supports useful to Communication.

The logo can also be used to create promotional items such as t-shirts, mugs, or even pens.

To create a logo on Logaster, all you have to do is enter the name of the company, the sector of activity, and a color palette. The tool is responsible for proposing models that can be modified. No design skills are required.

Disadvantages of Logaster

One drawback is to be noted for Logaster: the tool does not offer any free functionality. 

Logaster offers and prices

Logaster offers three subscriptions:

- a subscription that allows you to create a logo for web media at € 19.99,

- a subscription which allows the creation of a logo and the complete pack of web and print files at 49.99 €,

- a "business" subscription which allows you to create a logo and use it for other communication media at € 64.99.

4 - Tailor Brands

Like Logaster, Tailor Brands is a powerful and comprehensive online branding tool. In addition to creating an online logo, the platform adapts it and generates other print and web communication tools. 

Benefits of Tailor Brands

The creation of an online logo is very simple thanks to Tailor Brands: the tool is responsible for offering visuals based on the name of the company, the sector of activity, and additional information that it is possible to provide.



In addition, the tool offers several alternatives before proceeding with the creation of the logo. A clever initiative to generate logos in line with the brand's expectations.



Another advantage of Tailor Brands is that the tool also offers to generate publications for social networks as well as advertisements.

Tailor Brands is therefore a turnkey tool that does not require any graphic or design skills.

Disadvantages of Tailor Brands

As the tool is very comprehensive, it does not offer a free version. However, Tailor Brands offers different billing packages (commitment is annual).

Tailor Brands offers and prices

Tailor Brands offers three offers:

  • the "basic" plan at $ 3.99 / month;
  • the “standard package at $ 5.99 / month;
  • the "premium" plan at $ 12.99 / month.

5 - Graphic Springs 

Graphic Springs is online software that lets you create a professional logo in just one minute. The tool is particularly aimed at entrepreneurs and startups.

Benefits of Graphic Springs

Entirely available in French, Graphic Springs offers logo models according to the different sectors of activity.


Each template is customizable and no design skills are required thanks to the "drag and drop" interface.

However, the best benefit of Graphic Springs is the customer service that provides help and advice to create a logo online.

Disadvantages of Graphic Springs

The downside to Graphic Springs is that while the tool is free to use, downloading the logo is chargeable.

Graphic Springs offers and prices

Graphic Springs offers a fee of $ 19.99 for unlimited downloads of PNG and JPG files. The price remains fixed even if changes are made to the logo.


You can also use a free logo design tool that is custom-made by DesignFier to get you comfortable with logo designing and to give you the logo that you need.


The tools presented include all the essential features to create a logo. Their intuitive interfaces make it easy to obtain a professional rendering.

Certain more complete tools like Tailor Brands and Logaster will make it possible to meet more global needs such as the creation of a complete graphic charter in order to embellish your website, created with the tool of your choice.


To go further, use this free tool and rate your website in seconds for free advice on how to improve it.