About the Respeak Social Network

Respeak.net is a brand new Social Networking platform aimed at relieving the strain that Big Tech has put on the Social Media scene. It's privately owned and operated by a natural American citizen who shares the values our Founding Fathers codified in the United States Constitution. Respeak does not have a voice itself, aiming only to bring people together and let their ideas and passions flourish.


While lines must be drawn at various points, we at Respeak value your opinions and respect your right to share them freely.

A few things we must not allow include:

Coordinating or Promoting Illegal Activity
It's a pretty broad way to put it, but that's because it's meant to cover the things that aren't specifically mentioned later in this list, and it appears first because we believe above all that the average American is a good, law-abiding citizen just looking to get by and maybe get ahead. Whether or not a particular activity is named below, we will guard against the proliferation of lawlessness on this platform through any means available to us.
Protection of Minors
We do not allow the exploitation of children in any way. Child pornography and the disclosing of children's names or locations are strictly prohibited.
Hate Speech
This is a tough guideline to enforce fairly in the broader view, as one man's hate speech is another man's freedom of expression, so we'll start this out with the simple declaration that this will be enforced on a case-by-case basis. Your right to dislike something will be protected so long as you are not advocating violence or destruction against the subject of your dislike. This may be something you see almost everywhere these days, but users may not target persons for their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or physical disabilities. Unlike most other networks out there, we do not make exceptions.
Programmatic Harm
All forms of hacking and cracking are prohibited. Users may not provide, accept, or use software, programs, or code that are intended to harm another user's experience on Respeak, general well-being, or property.
Threatening Behavior
Keyboard Warriors beware! Users may not threaten other users with violence or harm. Save the tough guy act for Facebook or Twitter.
Scams & Fraud
Users may not attempt to or engage in the use of any scheme, tactic, or ploy intended to defraud or scam another user in any way. This includes the sharing of material found on the network, whether you created it yourself or not.
Intellectual Property Rights
The posting or sharing of material that violates another's intellectual property rights is prohibited. We adhere to the spirit of the Fair Use doctrine.

Our Message

Respeak is a network where adults are free to do what adults do, speak our minds, feel with our hearts, and share openly with friends and family; but it also a place where people can meet new people with similar interests, ideas, and lives. The basic expectation of users on Respeak is to apply the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have done unto you. There are many ways to say it, but that's how we do it. Society has grown beyond belief in the last 100 years. The world has grown exponentially for each and every one of us due to the near-endless reach of the Internet, which has also managed to strip us of the personal responsibility at the very foundation of being human - common decency and courtesy.

We provide the ability for users to create groups (public and private), pages, manage their profiles and associations, post blogs, sell and buy items through our marketplace, and chat one-to-one with each other.