The Repentance of Jesus

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According to these buried ancient scriptures, the original God contained everything; therefore everything, every being is an emanation of God, even the lowest scum.

Although Jehovah and Satan both represent  Dream Life Mastery Review the carnal aspect of existence, their personalities are polar opposites. A ruthless god of passionate jealousy, vengeance, and mercy, Jehovah commands his people to live according to a strict set of laws designed in opposition to nature according to His desire for us to transcend nature. Satan on the other hand represents the law of the jungle. The Satanic Devil card depicts the call of the wild, which also reveals the world itself, the physical world, to be a prison for the human spirit. The whole concept of the Devil centers around Man's struggle with nature.

Aleister Crowley, AKA the Beast666, the wickedest man in the world - the designer of the Book of Thoth liked to identify himself with Satan.

Many people to this day think he was the anti-Christ, though Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan considered Crowley an excellent poser. While Crowley put a heavy emphasis on the spiritual importance of Tarot, LaVey's church was founded in celebration of carnal nature, and he suggested that Tarot as a spiritual tool was not important for his followers to know. These men's attempts to brand themselves as Satan's prophets were unique enough to get themselves known, making them arguably his best earthly representatives. LaVey's concept of devils is that they are not actually devils, but gods of the past demoted, as mankind had imagined newer gods to take their place. He devised a form of worshiping these elder gods as symbolic personifications of natural forces.