moissanite bridal set

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Because of their ability to glow brightly, moissanites are an excellent choice for people with extremely sensitive eyes who experience irritation from other gemstones.

Moissanite, a popular alternative to diamonds, has an affordable price tag and can still be used to create some truly stunning jewellery pieces. come in all shapes and sizes, from earrings to bridal sets and beyond. You can even find loose moissanite diamonds if you want to use them in your designs! But with so many options available, knowing how to buy moissanite fine jewellery can make all the difference between choosing a piece you love or one that disappoints later on. With these tips and suggestions, you’ll know how to choose the perfect moissanite jewel for you.

If you're looking for your ideal moissanite bridal set, consider both carat weight and colour grade when making your decision. Smaller stones generally have larger colour grades, meaning they're more expensive and (usually) better quality. If you’re hoping to purchase moissanite fine jewellery that’s affordable, you might want to go with smaller stones. For instance, 1-carat loose moissanite diamonds can be found starting at around $1,200. Smaller stones will also allow you to create a custom bridal set that perfectly matches your style. When it comes to carat size, don't forget about setting type. Some settings are designed specifically for small stones; others work best with large ones. When shopping for moissanite fine jewellery, keep in mind that there are many options available—so if you see something you like but aren't sure about its size or shape, ask an expert!

If you’re considering purchasing a moissanite bridal set, keep in mind that there are four Cs you need to consider—cut, clarity, colour and carat. While the cut is perhaps most important in evaluating fine jewellery of any kind, it is also important when considering moissanite jewellery. Most moissanites in ring form have sharp edges and large facets. This means they catch light more readily than diamonds do, which can look amazing if you’re into modern and contemporary designs. But if you prefer traditional rings with softer edges, then go for a round- or cushion-shaped stone. The other three Cs are pretty straightforward. For example, moissanite is almost as hard as diamond on the Mohs scale; however, many consumers still say that diamonds tend to sparkle more brilliantly than their faux counterparts.

Jewellery stores carry moissanite, but you may be limited in your choice. Many online options offer jewellery with loose moissanite diamonds; these include James Allen and the Blue Nile. More specialized jewellers, such as Diamonds by Design, carry sets and pieces designed with loose moissanite gemstones. Keep in mind, however, that loose gemstones of any kind—whether it's diamond or moissanite—can be very expensive and will likely be more than most consumers want to spend on a single piece of jewellery. For some people, buying a moissanite bridal set is an easier way to get into owning a moissanite without spending too much at once. Most jewellers have options for moissanite bridal sets that can give you everything you need for an engagement ring without breaking your budget.