Please Dream Tonight Author: Yu Shan

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Dada hit the old black angrily: "I don't want to stand, you hold me to wash." The old black smiled and said, "Yes, you can.

In that case.. Good things should be shared. Like a snake, Dada snaked from his body back to his chest, kissed the old black before he came to his senses, and generously returned the liquid in his mouth to the old black. Laohei choked, trying to push Dada away, Dada tightly encircled Laohei's neck with his arm, and his tongue reached into his territory in a greasy way, teasing and winding. Laohe's muscles were tight all over, and it felt better to press on it. Laohe pinched Dada's waist to death, holding it a little painful, but he didn't shake her off until she heard a grunt in his throat and finally swallowed it. Dadacai withdrew triumphantly from his mouth, lifted himself coquettishly, and sat on his chest with a smirk. You The old black glared at her, saw her smile, and then pulled a sexy smile, "Now it's my turn to serve you, Princess." Being shocked by his smile, Dada supported his chest muscles with both hands and bent down to look carefully. Like him, handsome to "Qiao" has a qualitative leap, handsome, but also not sissy, is the best, Qiao and resolute, and then mixed with bad cold,disc air diffuser, is the best of the best. The old black suddenly sat up, with a bit of sadism. Unprepared, Dada suddenly fell on his leg, the old black bad heart of a split leg, Dada fell on the bed, has been moved between the legs completely exposed in front of him. Old Hei Hei smiled, and Dada was embarrassed to get up his legs. "What are you doing?" That's how bad he is, always teasing her! "It's my turn to eat you." Laohei grabbed Dada's knee and pulled it hard to both sides. Dada gave a low cry. Laohei's lips had touched her flower mouth. It was a little cold. She suddenly trembled. Don't. Don't.. Dada shook his head in confusion and slept with Laohei for N times. Today is the first time that Dada "ate" him and the first time that he pleased her with his mouth. Laohei licked and sucked her most sensitive flower beads, sometimes light and sometimes heavy,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Dada felt numb all over, her lower abdomen became tighter and tighter, the flower path became hotter and hotter, and the emotional liquid flowed out with her gently twitching. The old black chuckled, his flexible tongue suddenly went into her flower stream, his bad heart stirred up, Dada screamed, trembling all over, approaching, approaching. But before the climax, Laohei withdrew his tongue and sucked it violently. As soon as Dada's head explodes, the flower path, the whole body is intense tight, Dada even cries low, is pushed into heaven by the climax which the old black initiates. The contraction was just about to pass, but Lao Hei refused to retreat like this. He had been waiting for a long time and pushed it hard to the end. The already tight flower path was opened by him so rudely that Dada felt dizzy again. I can't. I can't. Dada began to cry. But I haven't started yet. Old black evil announcement, hard twitch up, multi disc screw press ,lamella tube, Dada was hit by him all over the body shake up, chest shake even some pain, old black but always know the needs of Dada, old black over Dada, let her half kneel on the bed, from behind into her, two hands holding Dada has swollen chest, with the frequency of entering her, hard kneading. Dada was crying and screaming by Laohei. No, didn't she want to seduce Laohei? Also Dada was shaken left and right by the old black, and the juice from the flower path flowed to his thighs. The old black top was getting deeper and deeper, and Dada felt his stomach swell and ache, and came again. Dada grabbed the sheets, and the old black tortured the most sensitive part of her heart, provoking Dada to go crazy again, subconsciously clamping the old black, he also roared in a low voice, moving more fiercely. She screamed, the flower path contracted violently, and he held her in the deepest part, saying, "Baby, don't shout so loudly. This is the old street.". Come on Let's come together. ..” The hardest hit.. Dada cried out, and the old black bullet shot hard into Dada's flower path. Dada felt a surge of heat in his body. In the morning, Dada woke up and felt embarrassed. She held the old black neck but couldn't get up. The old black knew what she was thinking. The old black put Dada's hand down and carried Dada to the bathroom. "Come on, baby, let's go to wash.". You were too tired last night, and I think the sheets are dirty. You can talk to the nanny later and change it. ” Dada's face turned even redder. She buried her face in front of the old black chest. The old black looked at Dada like this and couldn't help laughing: "What's wrong?"? Isn't it a little late to remember shyness? It seems that it is better to let you drink, at least I am very'sexual 'happiness. Oh, by the way, where did you learn all this? Dada raised his head and blinked cunningly. "I won't tell you!" "I know without saying.". The other day I saw you sneaking around the third brother's office with Xiaoxiao, and I knew you had nothing good to do. Dada hit the old black angrily: "I don't want to stand, you hold me to wash." The old black smiled and said, "Yes, you can. You can't ask me any more.". I really can't, you have to give me some strength to go to the company. Dada was even angrier. "You're the one who pestered me," he said, tugging at his black hair and shaking it. The old black looked at Dada's chest trembling, two lovely pink cherries moving, and could not help it. Old Black quickly changed Dada's posture, let Dada's two legs cross on his waist, without any prelude, along the remaining liquid last night, against his waist rushed in. "Yes!"! I'm the one who pestered you, and I'll admit it. Who made my wife a leprechaun?! When the family saw them like this, they all smiled ambiguously. A Guang whispered to Lao Hei, "Uncle, you can do it. Look at Dada's dewy appearance.." Laohei smiled and whispered proudly, "It seems that she is particularly satisfied here.". Maybe Dada is also very suitable for the atmosphere here. Uncle, don't be angry with me, OK? Don't take you like this. According to the rules of the Yang family, you can't stay at home without a formal marriage or engagement. So a Guang's girlfriend can't live here. If she wants it, she will take it to her villa or apartment. Old street rules, when eating breakfast like to run a door,Mechanical fine screen, see which one has a favorite breakfast, can eat, do not have to ask the host.