Asylum for fierce ghosts

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Qin Kun shook his head with a smile: "As long as you don't make an enemy of me, I won't do it.".

The paper flew out and hung in the air into countless sharp blades, pouring down like a waterfall. On his deathbed, Mifune roared with grief and indignation: "I am Mifune Tetsuo!"! In my next life, I will help the Demon King of the Sixth Day to complete the world's Buwu!!! The reincarnation of this ambition is not broken, and it will accompany my soul forever! Then he closed his eyes. The expected death did not follow. Mifune opened his eyes carefully and found a man in front of him. Mr. Tiankou! The ghost moved Mifune so much that he almost shed tears. The zombie fat man on the opposite side, seeing the man in front of him, cursed and poured the paper into other places. Boom, boom, boom The paper of the power of sharp gold accidentally destroyed many prison doors, and some fierce ghosts were able to get out of trouble. The zombie fat man rushed at Qin Kun. Ba Ga! "Be careful, Mr. Tiankou!" Said Mifune anxiously. The expected attack did not come, and Qin Kun and the zombie fat man hugged each other. Fat Master misses you so much! "*** me, get out of here. Why do you stink?" Wang Gan hung on Qin Kun, Qin Kun gave a brotherly hug, regret, this guy's body stink and scorched stink, can simply make people faint. Wang Gan was pushed away by Qin Kun and wondered, "Does it stink?" Then he pounced on Chu Qianxun and Han Biao and said, "Young lady, you have been wronged!" Pow- Chu Qianxun slapped Wang Gan in the face. Wang Gan was stupefied: "Why did you hit me?"? I was wronged and defected to the enemy. I didn't hesitate to ruin my reputation. I became the henchman of those monsters in order to save you! "I was fixed by you and almost molested by those ghost pawns!" Embarrassed,304 Stainless Steel Wire, Wang Gan touched his face and hurriedly turned his head: "Tuwa, how are you these days?" Han Biao was wearing a piece of filial piety cloth. As soon as Wang Gan got close to him, he let out a scream. The fierce ghost was broken. Fei Lei stood beside him in a daze and snitched in horror: "Xiao Pang!"! He attacked me! Wang Gan scratched his face and said, "I almost forgot that you have the emperor's filial piety. You wear filial piety for heaven. All ghosts are invulnerable. It's good to offer sacrifices to your family." "Miss Xuan Xuan, you are wronged!" Only Tu Xuanxuan was easy to bully and was hugged by Wang Gan. When Han Biao saw him hugging his girlfriend, he was extremely angry: "Fu Zong, you want to take advantage and go somewhere else. This is my girlfriend!" "Don't be jealous of Tuwa. The fat man is here to get you out." Wang Gan explained seriously,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "by the way, Qin Kun, why did you save this guy?" First set a small goal, such as 1 second to remember: Book Keju Mobile Edition Reading Website: Chapter 628, the connection of the Three Kingdoms era. Ghost will three ships now warily looking at Qin Kun, this guy, unexpectedly and the other side is a group. Unbelievable. I have to believe it again! The eyes of the three ships were very complicated, and they saw several people following Qin Kun, all of whom were intruders who had broken into the royal city and were detained for execution. Mr. Tiankou, you lied to me! "Remember, my name is Qin Kun." Qin Kun stepped forward and clapped his hands at the mound. The mound was cracked. "Qin Kun!" Said Wang Gan! This is a ghost!!! Side, Han Biao a group of people came over: "Fatty, don't mind other people's business, we still have accounts with you." When Wang Gan saw that a group of people were not good at coming, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, he laughed and said, "Sacrifice to my family, but I am willing to compromise and ruin my reputation and go to those monsters to save your lives.". Do you know that Tengu Shrine is going to fight with the ghost town of Yingyan Mountain? The last time we attacked the big Tengu, his men actually came to the ghost town to spy on information. We can only sacrifice you to stay here and disturb our sight, otherwise none of us will survive. Wang Gan said that the mouth foam was flying, and the righteousness was awe-inspiring, as if if it were not for himself, several other people would be decapitated that day. The other side. Three boats looked at Qin Kun, Qin Kun hands spread out, behind Niu Meng, Chang Chang, tea fairy ghost, smiling face ghost, Xu Tao, brocade clothes old ghost, sixteen elder brother appeared in turn. Two ghost generals, four evil ghosts, and one fierce ghost. Three boats are stupefied, do not know the meaning of the other side's action, Qin Kun said: "Three boats, give you a chance to become my subsidiary, or you will die." This is a ghost town! You have no right to kill me! I'm a ghost hunter. Innate hostility to ghosts. You took my friends and threatened their lives, and I deserve revenge. ” "They trespassed in the ghost town and broke the rules of the king. They deserve to be put in the dungeon and executed at a later date!" "Unfortunately, your king has now met another enemy.". Whether the ghost town of Yingyan Mountain has changed ownership is uncertain now. You join me to ensure that you leave here and have a place to live. Mifune heart shock, reason, he can see that the other side is to appreciate their own, behind the other side, it seems to be under his command of the ghost, presumably all the appearance is to give their own peace of mind. The ghost general Mifune hesitated: "What if I refuse?"? Will you kill me? Just that fat man has suppressed himself in strength, his strength is not high in the royal city, otherwise he will not become the gatekeeper's leader, but after all, he is a ghost and has his own dignity. Qin Kun shook his head with a smile: "As long as you don't make an enemy of me, I won't do it.". Our purpose is different from the monsters at the Tengu Shrine. We just want to get out of here. "You.." Want to get out of here? Impossible! Even if there is a Tengu Shrine to muddy the waters, it is impossible! On the surface, the twelve ghosts will be in charge of Yingyan Mountain. In fact, I have thirty-six. There are only twelve demons and big Tengu in Tengu Shrine. Plus the king, you can't get out! "Qin Kunjun, you lied to me and didn't kill me," said the three-ship ghost general. "I'll give you a chance to become an ally with Yingyan Mountain and kill the monster at Tengu Shrine. The king will treat you well." "Don't be naive, you will lose." Qin Kun firmly said. Mifune seethed with anger: "How could it be!!!" Qin Kun looked at Wang Gan. "Who wounded the ghost king here?" Wang Gan is stupefied, did not think of Qin Kun to be able to see this stubble, hey hey a smile: "big day dog." Mifune retorted, "Impossible. Cao Xiao is no match for the king!" "There is no Yin dragon to protect the body,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, but with the Vajra amulet, I'm afraid it's different.". Fatty, how many Vajra charms did you give him? 。