Return to Earth (Mecha)

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Therefore, it has not specially created an environment suitable for the survival of organisms.

"Ah, finally connected, before looking for you for a long time, but you just in the place seems to be blocking the signal, always connected." As soon as the other side opened his mouth, he complained. Cheng Zhen turned his head and looked at the magnificent and well-guarded residence of the head of the United Front not far behind him with a low laugh. The'Steel Fortress' in the core star field really lives up to its reputation. He looked at the portrait on the other side of the dawn wristwatch communication and asked with a smile. Didn't you say goodbye to the battle of Klein? What's the matter with me now? The person who contacted him, of course, was Sean, the captain of the Jidong Academy team. Cheng Zhen is not surprised that the other party can know his communication number, after all, these contact information can be asked in the registration office of the residential area. He just wondered why Sean would suddenly find himself again. On the other side of the communication, Captain Jidong was sitting alone in his room, and when Cheng Zhen asked that sentence, he actually wanted to ask a rhetorical question. Can't I find you if I have nothing to do? But after thinking about it, Sean chose to bury the joke in his heart. After all, the next thing to say is much more important, and there's no time for jokes now. Just now, I received a contact from the command of the human army. They have arrived in the core star field. At present, they are stationed near the star field like the allied forces of other races. Sean said slowly. I decided to go to the human army now to discuss the battle of Klein. Here,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, I'd like to invite the knight of Clemms to go with me. What do you think? The human army has arrived, put away the slight surprise in my heart. Cheng Zhen looked at the person in the video and chuckled. Of course I will. When the two men arrived at the airport in the core star field, there were already people waiting by the side. Among the various races that come and go in the airport, there is an abrupt touch of green that stands out. A man in a dark green military uniform came over immediately after seeing the two men. Stopping one meter in front of the two men, the man in uniform gave a proper military salute. Lieutenant Yang Ji of the 17th Team of the Human Dragon Wing Fleet Combat Readiness Team has been ordered to meet the two here! Cheng Zhen nodded slightly to the handsome man in front of him. I am Cheng Zhen, the Combatant of Clemms, and this is Sean, the Combatant of the Far East. Lieutenant Lao is waiting here, please. "This is my duty!" Withdrawing the salute posture, jacuzzi swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, Yang Ji replied in a loud voice. With that, he looked at the two human teenagers and smiled, not at all as serious as before. Now that the official words have been spoken, please accept my personal respect! With these words, he stepped forward, stretched out his long and powerful arms, and held the two teenagers together in his arms. How many years have we waited for this day to finally come again! In fact, we have long wanted to come! Who in the army doesn't want to go to war and fight in the battle of Klein! You two are really good! "In.." Lieutenant? Cheng Zhen was a little flustered by the sudden embrace. Don't talk! Can't you even move me! A big man, a big age is still so impulsive, I am also very embarrassed ah! Ah, I'm so happy! I've got sand in my eyes. It's really. Loosening the two teenagers, Yang Ji rubbed his red eyes. The environment of the core star field is not very good. Ha-ha, you must tell those guys when you go back. Look at the human officer who says a lot of excuses to cover up his gaffes. Cheng Zhen and Sean looked at each other and could see the relief and bitterness in each other's eyes. It turns out that they are not the only ones who have been looking forward to this day for so long. It is not only the human cadets of the Ten Academies who are looking forward to the return of the Human Army to the Battle of Klein! And the soldiers from the human army! And then there are the trillions of people. After rearranging his appearance, Yang Qizhong resumed his serious appearance and saluted again. Please follow me to the place where the Dragon Wing Fleet is stationed. The commander in chief has been waiting for you for a long time! The author has something to say: The day of expectation will come. Ah, all kinds of bitterness. Let's have a little theater with a relaxing atmosphere. Rhine: Be my man! Cheng Zhen: No. Sean: Would you like to.. Is it? Cheng Zhen: Of course. Rhine PK Sean, the first round, complete defeat! There is no responsibility to fill the brain. I am not responsible for thinking about it. (Trailer: What kind of army is the Dragon Wing Fleet, the human army sent to the station? After Cheng Zhen told the other side the prophecy of destruction, he got an unexpected response. Human beings What the hell? 43. Human Dragon Wing Army The principle of prohibition of weapons in the core star field: all combat troops are not allowed to approach the core star field within 100,000 miles. Therefore, even the allied troops of each Klein battle can only be stationed in the combat permission area opened up outside the core star field. This is a special region that stretches across tens of millions of stars, equivalent to half the size of the human alliance. Unlike the star field, which is generally used for habitation, this combat permission area is generally used for the temporary stationing of the allied forces of all previous races. Therefore, it has not specially created an environment suitable for the survival of organisms. The danger level of this area is almost comparable to that of the wilderness star field that has not yet been reclaimed. Meteorite belts that don't know where they exist, and hidden dangers that can't be detected all over the star field. Let the residents of the core star field give it a name of "dead field", for the civilians who have no strength to tie the chicken, it is only to go to this star field by mistake. But that's only for ordinary people. After introducing the basic situation, the human lieutenant turned around and smiled heartily at the two teenagers. For our army, this kind of place, which is full of unknown dangers, is the best place to practice. I think the same is true of the allied forces of other races. Sean touched his chin and looked at the universe outside the cabin. But the name'Dead Land 'really lives up to its reputation. Along the way,jacuzzi bath spa, I've seen at least hundreds of wrecks of various kinds of ships. The three men were now on the small shuttle ship of the Human Army, heading for the garrison of the Dragon Wing Force. For fear that the two teenagers would find the journey long and boring, Lieutenant Yang Jicai began to introduce the special area designated by the General Assembly.