Ten Deadly Sins 2 _ Spider

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Thinking of being tied up in big characters, being slapped by a very handsome man, mercilessly humiliated and tortured, in exchange for helpless struggle and groaning.

Wu Weike pointed to the wardrobe, inside unexpectedly heard the sound of groaning, painted dragon opened the cabinet, inside appeared a woman wearing a cheongsam tied by a rope, mouth stuffed with towels, the lower part of the body even heard the buzzing sound of jumping eggs, the woman winked like silk, sweaty, is in a good situation. Dragon-painting nervously pulled out a gun, humphead wrasse came forward to untie, Wu Weike spread out his hands to say that this is also a woman who accepted his training, just like Chen Lu, the whole training process is a consensual act. The humphead wrasse took the woman to another room for questioning, and finally confirmed what Wuweike had said. The results of the trial were disappointing. Wowick admitted that he had had sex with Chen Lu and that Chen Lu had eaten his excrement. However, from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. on October 3, Wowick had been watching a football match in the hotel cafe. The staff on duty in the hotel cafe could prove that what he said was true. When Chen Lu was killed, Wuweike was not at the scene of the crime. The only suspect had no time to commit the crime! When the news came, Professor Liang and Bao Zhan of the special task force were very surprised. Professor Liang asked Su Mei on the phone to ask Wu Weike in detail when Chen Lu left the hotel, when the words on her body were written,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and the details of stool. Wu Weike told the police that Chen Lu took a taxi to leave the hotel for the station before two o'clock in the morning of October 3. Before leaving the hotel, Wu Weike asked her to write on her body because she had some rejection when she ate stool. Wu Weike ordered her to put the rest of the stool in her bag and eat it on the train back. This was also the last item of training. It takes about two hours to drive from the provincial capital to Chen Lu's county town, which is also in line with Chen Lu's arrival time at 4 A. m. When Chen Lu got off the train, Wu Weike was watching the ball game at the hotel in the provincial capital. The case has reached a deadlock. Where is the breakthrough point? Professor Liang and Bao Zhan were at their wits' end. They repeatedly analyzed the whole case in the conference room of the county public security Bureau, and brought every clue back into the line of sight. They only felt suspicious, but they had no clue. The leader of the Public Security Bureau said: There is no specific scope of investigation for the recent cases of attempted rape, robbery and theft in the county and urban areas. Professor Liang said: "The focus is on investigating crimes committed at night,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, especially criminal security cases occurring near the railway station.". Public Security Bureau leader said: "Narrowing the scope is much easier, you do not lose heart, do not have pressure, not every case will be solved, there are too many unsolved cases and backlog.." Professor Liang said: "Who will appear at four o'clock in the morning? Loading and unloading workers near the railway station, three-wheeled taxi drivers, they may accidentally see the words on Chen Lu, suddenly germinated the idea of rape, followed.". Bao Zhan said: "Not only around the train station, the focus of this case is the public toilet, progressive reasoning, who is likely to go to the toilet at four in the morning?"? The leader of the Public Security Bureau said: The people who get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and go to the women's toilet are, of course, ceramic bobbin heater ,10g Ozone Generator, women. Professor Liang said, "What about men? What kind of men go to the ladies' room in the middle of the night?"? The stool expert pushed the door into the conference room and said excitedly, "I found the mobile phone.". Bao Zhan looked at the stool expert and said, "I know who the murderer is.". www.xiaoshuotxt.com。 Txt Small./Say Heaven The fifth chapter is public toilets. One has to go to a strange place, walk on a strange road and meet strange people, which is a part of our life. Chen Lu likes to wear a uniform skirt and read while walking in the classroom. She has some petty bourgeoisie sentiment, with a blackboard eraser on her desk and a cup of hot coffee. She bent down, her hair down, looked out the window and began to drink coffee. She knew that some students would watch her cleavage quietly, but the students in class would never know that she had a jumping egg stuffed in her underwear. The hum of jumping eggs was drowned out by the sound of students reading aloud. She pretended that nothing had happened, but a burst of tingling pleasure came from her lower body. She grasped the corner of the table and shook her body slightly. She closed her eyes slightly and cried in her heart, "Oh, my master, I am in the classroom in full view of all the people.". Teacher Chen Lu tried her best to restrain herself in front of the students so as not to lose her temper, but in her heart she was already ugly. She fantasized about wearing a dog's collar, being led by her master with a chain, and crawling naked in the classroom. She longed to follow her master with a whip in her mouth and a wiggle of her ass. She put the whip in the palm of her master's hand, raised her face, and imagined that her master would humiliate her in front of all the students. Host: Are you a teacher? Chen Lu: No, I'm a bitch. I'm a bitch. Host: Standing on the platform, being a teacher, kneeling now, what are you? Chen Lu: I'm a bitch. Master: How does a dog bark? Call it to your students. Chen Lu: Woof, woof.. A lot of fantasy fragments are pieced together into a lascivious space, and all kinds of obscene scenes are filled in my mind all day. She thought of a cage in which a female dog was confined, and of lying on the ground and licking the water on the plate with her tongue. Thinking of being tied up in big characters, being slapped by a very handsome man, mercilessly humiliated and tortured, in exchange for helpless struggle and groaning. She thought of a beautiful woman like herself, walking alone in the streets at night, her high-heeled shoes ringing, her skirts fluttering, every step smelling of perfume, and then a dirty, smelly man rushed from the dark and hugged her around the waist, dragged her back to her dirty lair, and ravaged her fiercely. Finally, Chen Lu plucked up her courage and wanted to visit her master. In fact, in the circle of sadomasochism, it is much more difficult to find a master whom you admire and are infatuated with than to find a lover who is congenial to you. Some things can not be grasped, we can only grasp ourselves. On the train, she was already wet. The moment she saw her master, her heart beat wildly,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and her body trembled because of excessive tension and excitement. Woovik sat smoking in the hotel lobby, filled with smoke, and it was the man she had dreamed of-a foreign man. Chen Lu walked over almost trembling. She bought a bag and a pair of shoes at the mall near the station. She hoped to give the owner a very good first impression. global-ceramics.com