Splendid Heroes (Part 3) Border Town Spy Movie + Fanwai + Small Theater by: Drunken Rain

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"Do what you love to do." Su Chaoyu's face was full of cunning. Jiang Yang's casual answer was choked back

"Do what you love to do." Su Chaoyu's face was full of cunning. Jiang Yang's casual answer was choked back, and there was a few seconds of crimson on his cheeks. He glanced at Su Chaoyu, but could only answer in a low voice, "Good." OK Then he hugged the little soldier whom he missed all the time. Chapter 19: Brothers In the following time, Jiang Yang once again lost the qualification to talk to all the people close to him. Sitting on his desk all day, he was busy answering all kinds of phone calls, reading all kinds of materials, and then drawing his own analysis from them, and then organizing the analysis into practical guidelines, which were distributed everywhere. This is a complex and arduous work, without Cheng Yihan's assistance, it is particularly complex. Cheng Yihan has started the development of zero plan. Eight senior engineers narrated the essence of the Zero Plan from different angles. In order to keep it secret, only his father, Cheng Fei, was the only one who could make an overall plan for the Zero Plan. Of course, this is not absolute. Another general director had been killed in the assassination. The Zero Plan does not seem to be complicated, but it involves the foundation of the whole traditional weapon system, not only the innovation of equipment type and the improvement of technology, but also the "panacea" to reverse the overall combat effectiveness, and the new functional arms and new operational plans to be produced from it are even more complicated. Even one of the most engineering geniuses in the Bujin Empire, Cheng Yihan was stirred up by these complex data and principles,rosmarinic acid supplement, and even got up in the middle of the night in a panic, always feeling that he had misunderstood the key link, so that one day when Jiang Yang came to visit with dessert, Cheng Yihan's gloomy face made his brother, who was three years older than himself, feel. The adjutant's brain capacity is on the verge of collapse. Tired to death, Jiang Yang, this is really not a good idea. Conditions in the capital are much better than here,turmeric extract powder, and Plan Zero should stay in the heartland. I'm an adjutant, not a scientist.. Well, that's a bit much to say. I'm an engineering student. But Jiang Yang, all the equipment is in Qingshui Town, one day later, I will use the human brain to calculate things that only computers can understand! I said Jiang Yang, is there only five classes of Nighthawks that can be used. A trip to Qingshui Town. Jiang Yang looked sadly at his adjutant, who had always been as decisive as a sharp knife, as chatty as a housewife, and did not speak. Cheng Yihan noticed this and ate the delicious dessert with a wry smile: "I'm really tired, and I haven't seen anyone other than my father, eight senior engineers and the orderly at the door for many days." "It's only been eight days since you and Su Chaoyu came back!" Jiang Yang grabbed a piece of pudding with the adjutant and tasted it with relish. The day after tomorrow, let class five go out the day after tomorrow. Wu Xiaojing can't go out except for the task. The other nine people belong to you. "To my father." Cheng Yihan smiled feebly, "say it." "What?" "What are you doing here?" "Look at you." "Just a snack?" Cheng Yihan raised his eyebrows, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, "I don't believe I killed Su Chaoyu." Smiling, Jiang Yang punched and deftly stopped in front of his opponent's nose, shaking menacingly: "Don't talk about him." Cheng Yihan didn't even hide, he just snickered. Well, it's something. Jiang Yang solemnly, "ask." Cheng Yihan was stupefied for a second, and then calmly lowered his head: "I lost." The two brothers looked at each other and glanced at each other in a casual way, slightly disdainful. Then they chose to sit side by side on the big sofa on the balcony. Cheng Yihan endured the questions for a long time and finally exported them one by one. So, from the inexplicable assassination before New Year's Day last year, this is a Bureau? "Yes.". I have every reason to suspect that my uncle was already inside at that time, even the next target-later you were taken away by the Military Commission, and the Cheng family inexplicably came to the forefront of the storm, so the plan for my uncle was postponed. It's basically the same as I thought. This assassin.. Every time I say this word, I want to laugh, like 500 years ago, through. Cheng Yihan took a sip of coffee and lowered his face. "This man wants to have a zero plan. He doesn't hesitate to break a big circle. I don't understand." "Don't understand what?"? I can write a book about the countries, organizations and reasons that covet the zero plan. ” "If you take so much trouble, you're sure to win. Otherwise, where can you afford it?" Jiang Yang nodded. So you're thinking about it, too? 'Of Course. What is the victory? This is the core, but unfortunately it is unknown. Cheng Yihan sighed bitterly. He finally understood Jiang Yang's pains, from beginning to end, the strong commander did not reveal to him any information other than the assassination, for fear that when it comes to family ties, his brothers will be accidentally confused. With a silent way of protection, he told Cheng Yihan the situation lightly, and then sent the most concerned people to escort him back-Jiang Yang used his tenacity and tolerance to weave a vast cloak and take care of everyone he thought was worth it. My uncle will die. Jiang Yang holds Cheng Yihan's hand, "this is the ultimate goal, because the other side knows uncle's loyalty, life and zero plan live or die together.". Now, I have to say this reality, also Han, I'm sorry. Cheng Yihan bit the coffee cup hard and did not speak. The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. Su Chaoyu even suspected the mole. I firmly defend my uncle, and the zero plan is the second. So, two things, I hope you can listen to it. "Good." "First, if uncle has any accident, I want to ask you, my good brother, to take over the zero plan when there is no way to retreat, or simply to survive." Cheng Yihan looked at the flowers on the terrace in the bright sunshine with pure eyes. Second, I will do my best to prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening, and in the name of my brother, I will make a vow that I do not need any guarantee. "I believe it." Cheng Yihan quickly picked up the sentence-he even knew what the other side was going to say. Jiang Yang, who has always been clumsy in expressing his feelings, stood at the door of his base commander with dessert, gently closed his hand,pumpkin seed extract, and forcefully grasped the joints. Cheng Yihan gritted his teeth in pain and then fell on the sofa, as if he had exhausted all his strength. Jiang Yang? "Hm?" I'm really tired. Can you get me a blanket? It's warm in here. I'll get some sleep. Jiang Yang did as he was told, and then sat at arm's length from him. prius-biotech.com