Golden Gate Saint

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It's the wrong person to ask. It's time to ask these three old, mean, poor family friends. All the people turned pale

It's the wrong person to ask. It's time to ask these three old, mean, poor family friends. All the people turned pale with fright, and the exhausted people had to raise their energy and jump up to guard. Fifteen to thirteen, the electric sword childe does not seem to have much advantage. But the energy of the nine pylorus is exhausted, and the injured person is useless at all. Xicheng Qi Refiner glanced at fifteen dragons and snakes in Jianghu. He looked solemn and not nervous. The poor way was about to ask. The Xicheng Qi refiner said coldly, "The people of the Black Dragon fled to Cai Ju in confusion one after another. These three The old wretch went straight into the ancestral temple without scruple, probably because he followed the Black Dragon, but he didn't know that the Black Dragon was caught by us. Knocked out, a head into the dragon ball array, obediently captured, the fate has been decided. The three friends of the poor family are full of tricks, and they lead them in the south of the city. Poor way into the farm to attack Wang Xiaodai, but they slipped away first. They must have a tacit understanding with the Wang Xiao-generation, intending to attract this Council. In the south of the city, they took the opportunity to escape to the north of the city, and together with Wang Xiao-generation plot the Black Dragon's treasure map. They're well informed, but It can be known that the picture was carried by someone in the Black Dragon. Younger generation, you Jianghu dragons and snakes,Iron Nail Making Machine, compete for food with the powerful combination of the underworld, sooner or later Destroyed. There is no hope for you. Go quickly! It's not too late! "Demon Road, you are so stupid." Electric Sword Childe said in a sarcastic tone, "If I can't deal with you, Xicheng Qi Refiner, I will show up." Are you asking for trouble? "Oh!"! You "It's nothing for you to be a has-been of the previous generation, living in a corpse."? Your nine pylorus talents are limited,Nail machine manufacturer, and you are the only one. How many days can people hold out? You really don't know the background of these three old scumbags? "Should I know?"? Hum If you really want the treasure map, you should know it. If you really want the treasure map, search him carefully. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you can search out the picture. Yadao, you are too ignorant. They are the real leaders of the Black Dragon Society. Yes, they are A deceiving congregation in name only. An amazing sword brought people to deal with me, and I knew their secret. Because the Black Dragon is really The main force in the south of the city, my people know nothing, they killed almost completely annihilated. I was wrong, they were wrong, so With heavy casualties on both sides. They have destroyed our people in the south of the city, and I have destroyed their people in the north of the city, and both sides have miscalculated. Failed to capture the main force of the other side to annihilate. Your nine pylorus helped me a lot. How interesting! I have to thank you! Search quickly! I'm sure you can find a treasure map, Coil Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, but.. The people of the nine pylorus were all surprised. But what? The Xicheng Qi refiner was finally able to keep calm. Whether the treasure map is true or not depends on your wisdom. "Junior, what do you mean." "Because I deliberately let them get that picture in Huguang." "I understand." Xicheng Qi Refiner suddenly gasped, "Does this mean that you started to make cloth two years ago?" Set up, lure the black dragon to continue to work hard, looking for the other three treasure maps. The Black Dragon finally lived up to your expectations and found another treasure. You can't wait to rob the King Kong of the picture at the critical moment. That's right. But it still failed. Electric Sword Childe says disappointedly: "So far, still do not know this picture falls in the end." In whose hands. The first one to catch the King Kong is the mountain thief, then the black dragon, then the king, and then you get the God. Sun Yu, the younger brother of King Kong, Eagle Claw. The Black Dragon caught the divine sword that witnessed the divine power of King Kong falling into the hands of Wang Xiaodai. You search it! If these three old scumbags have two treasure maps hidden in them, I want one of them. "Do you think the poor way is willing?" "You will." Electric Sword Childe sneers: "The existence of your door is not a big threat to me. Your strength is limited, your disciple." Sang Haitian's initiative is not strong enough. As a master, he spent most of his time hiding in Lianhe Mountain in Raozhou, Jiangxi Province, and in the sea he built. Heaven and earth are happy and carefree. He has little interest in the ambition of commanding the rivers and lakes. So I can tolerate the existence of your door. If you don't, then It means that you are willing to challenge my prestige, and I will not let you exist. ” "I think you are the real master of the Dragon." Xicheng Qi Refiner drew his sword slowly and said, "Shenlong will have three dragon heads, poor way." Know that the big dragon head is from the fire real person Xuan Zhenzi, the second dragon head is the claw flying star Peng Qi, you are the third dragon head? "You are so stupid. Shenlong has three dragon heads. It's just a cover. In fact, it doesn't exist in this society.". I am the one who is really in charge. The title of the Lord is also a title that gives people an illusion. The Black Dragon has the setting of the Lord, we No. Demon, don't use the sword. This is my last friendly warning. The strange roar that shook the soul came from the mouth of the demon way, and the light of the sword was like a horse carrying thunder, and the momentum was so powerful that the stone broke the sky. The young master of the electric sword was only shaken by the strange whistling sound, and he took two steps back and then stabilized. Long roar also shakes the sky, the sword spits out the dazzling continuous laser. However, half of his fourteen companions, with their hands on their heads, fell to the ground and shouted. The other half also hid their ears and retreated. He fled in panic and was confused by the sound of a strange whistle. What Zhang Qingyun's little girl practices is Xuanmen's authentic internal skill, Xuantian Shengang. The heat is quite pure, and she can't stand the strange roar of the demon way Shake. Only Wang Ruoyu can cope with Yu Ru and not be affected. The whistling sound is transmitted forward. The twelve nine pyloric brothers behind the demon path, who had survived the robbery, rushed out like crazy later. Launch the final life-and-death struggle to cross the Rubicon. The whistling only lasted for a moment, but it had to stop after the fight. Clank.. Jinming shook wildly, sparks splashed, and Xicheng Qi refiners spread out what they had learned in their lives and attacked wildly. Each sword was sealed out of the side door by the son of the electric sword. He took advantage of the gap to fight back. The light of the sword was like thunder and lightning all over the sky. It was a close and crazy fight, and the shorter branches were broken by the sword. Soon, only four people were left standing around. The two right hands are half broken, and the two ribs are full of blood. Two are the nine pylorus of the people,High Speed Nail Making Machine, two dragon minions, each leaning on the tree trunk, painfully and reluctantly tearing clothes and wrapping wounds. The three friends of the poor family were tied to the tree and sighed in despair.