The sky is changing

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At the next moment when Zhou Weiqing's congealed pen made a mistake, a strange scene appeared. A strange

At the next moment when Zhou Weiqing's congealed pen made a mistake, a strange scene appeared. A strange bug-like shadow slowly emerged behind him, and strange energy fluctuations spread from it, distorting everything in the cabin. Even more bizarre is that after the transparent insect appeared, it twisted strangely, and then a layer of silvery light was released from Zhou Weiqing's body. Everything, actually went back, although only a few seconds ago, but that is when Zhou Weiqing did not make a mistake. Time belongs to xxìng! The old man could no longer suppress the breath released by his body, almost instantly blurted out, the whole person shocked suddenly stood up, can no longer maintain half calm. And the nv son beside him was completely dull at this time. With their cultivation, how could they not see what Zhou Weiqing had just done? Time belongs to xxìng, yes, that is the effect that only time belongs to xxìng can appear! Although they did not know what skill Zhou Weiqing used, at that moment, Zhou Weiqing clearly used this skill to turn back the clock. Return your congealed pen to the time when it has not yet made a mistake, and then continue to outline. Is that all right? At this time, the two gods suddenly appeared, and their understanding of the production of congealed scrolls had been completely subverted. In fact, not only them,side impact door beams, but also Shangguan Binger, who came with Zhou Weiqing, was stunned. When she first came here, Shangguan Binger was actually very nervous, because she knew Zhou Weiqing best, but also knew that he had hardly made congealed scrolls in recent years, how could he be a divine teacher? After coming in, although she could not accurately judge the strength of the two opposite,stainless steel 304 pipes, she could also feel that their cultivation was not what she and Zhou Weiqing could confront. In this case, if Zhou Weiqing can not pass the test, they want to leave here, I am afraid it will be difficult, want to get the stone of space transmission is even more impossible. Had it not been for Zhou Weiqing, who had been comforting her that she could pass the test, I'm afraid Shangguan Binger would not have agreed to come here before. However, with the passage of time, Shangguan Bing'er became more and more shocked by Zhou Weiqing's performance. Harmony between man and nature doesn't count. She knows the secret. But when Zhou Weiqing began to make coagulated liquid, she realized that her understanding of Xiao Fat seemed far from enough. At this time, Zhou Weiqing is so focused, although his appearance is not very handsome, but when a man is completely focused in order to do one thing, he is absolutely the most handsome in the eyes of his nv people. Seeing this scene just now, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact beams, Shangguan Bing'er finally knew what Zhou Weiqing said he could rely on to make a god-level congealed scroll. It seems that he relies on time to belong to xxìng, but Shangguan Binger knows that Zhou Weiqing actually relies on holy power. On the way to Xuantian 6, Shangguan Bing'er naturally knew all about Zhou Weiqing's skills. Isn't what he used just now the highest level of time countercurrent in his time skills? This skill once saved Shangguan Feier's life, so Shangguan Binger remembers it most clearly. However, according to the normal situation, after the skill of time countercurrent is used, the time will go back to an hour ago, even if Zhou Weiqing's repair is improved now. At most, it's just barely controlling a little time, or going back longer. Moreover, after the skill of time reversal, as a skill mover, it should not be able to control the time of reversal, let alone change anything by itself after the time reversal. However, Zhou Weiqing has done it now, no doubt, because he relies on the holy power to display the time countercurrent, so that the original jjrib-like existence of the God level skills into a real existence against the sky. Yes! Zhou Weiqing is not a divine teacher at all, but with the skill of time countercurrent, he can complete the production process of his divine level congealed scroll bit by bit. What are you afraid of if you are wrong? Wrong. I can go back and start over. As long as you succeed a little at a time, you will always succeed. As for the consumption of holy power, for Zhou Weiqing, it is only a part of maintaining the reverse flow of time. Every time he only uses a little bit of holy power, it is not a consumption at all. With his cultivation, let alone nine beads, even if there are really only five beads, it is enough to hold on. Xiaopang, you are so smart. At this time, there is only admiration in Shangguan Bing'er's heart. Yes, her Xiao fat is too smart. Obviously, when he called himself a divine teacher, he had already thought of all this and prepared for it. Zhou Weiqing's production is still going on, and the two divine teachers on the opposite side are already looking silly. Yes, Zhou Weiqing's production method is simply cheating, and of course they can see it. But, somebody else has time to belong to xxìng! What is this? It's a gift, an absolute gift. Wind, space and time, together, represent the appearance of an extremely powerful divine teacher with the strongest talent in the genus X xìng that Zhou Weiqing has used. When Zhou Weiqing first came into contact with the congealed scroll to study Huyan Aobo, Huyan Aobo was pleasantly surprised when his three genera gathered together. At this moment, the surprise turned into a shock and was given to the two great masters of the Xuantian Palace. The most important thing is that they don't know the skill of time countercurrent used by Zhou Weiqing at all. Even if they do, they won't think that this skill is a time reversal. Rotate the time within a certain range and have complete control. If this skill is not used in making congealed scrolls but in combat, what terrible effect will it have? They do not know, even with the holy force to urge, in the case of absolute control, Zhou Weiqing can only let the time back to five seconds ago. Moreover,aluminium coated tubes, it is not like Shangguan Binger's judgment that it consumes little of itself. The consumption of holy power is really not big, but the consumption of jjīng divine power is huge, which Zhou Weiqing did not expect before.