Everything you need to know about HP Jumpstart

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Let’s get to know about unique software- HP Jumpstart, which is a route to a multi-step welcoming procedure for several pre-installed services and apps.

HP has been very active in creating and launching products and services to help users, not just to improve their experience but also to resolve any issue that they may encounter. One such software by the brand is known as HP Jumpstart. It helps HP users in guiding them through a multi-step or multi-layered welcoming procedure and opens up several possibilities. This procedure will grant you access to the HP registration, McAfee product registrations (if pre-installed), and activate any offer that is related to the HP Dropbox. There are other benefits too but, this read will focus on launching the program or application software.

HP Jumpstart- the application launch

In most cases, the HP Jumpstart comes pre-installed with your HP devices so listed below are the steps to launch the app and benefit from it on Windows 10 operating systems:

  1. Turn your HP device on Move to “Start” Go for “HP Jumpstart”.
  2. On the appearance of the registration screen, fill in the details.
  3. Settle on choosing one option from either “Register” or “Skip”.
  4. On the appearance of the Dropbox screen, register for it, if you want.
  5. Either select “Create an Account” or just select “Skip”.
  6. Then the McAfee registration page will pop up, do as you please.
  7. Then the screen for “App” will appear, go through the same process.
  8. Again, a screen for “Concierge” will open, see the app installation status.
  9. Either choose to go for “Download”, then “Done, or just go for “Done”.


  • Once you’ve completed the multi-step welcome process, you’ll be able to use and experience all of the benefits with utmost effectiveness.
  • The Concierge screen that comes up in HP Jumpstart, will help share suggestions on how to personalize the computer devices, download apps and install apps that suit the user’s choice.
  • You can also get help in finding the WPS PIN on HP printer as a part of the welcoming process.


HP Jumpstart is new but very different ideation of the brand. It lets you register or skip the registration of certain applications that are already installed in your HP printers. It allows a carefully designed multi-step welcoming process that would help in enhancing your experience and the time that you spend on your HP PCs and laptops. Mentioned above are the steps to launch the HP Jumpstart on your Windows 10 after it has been installed.